Carrie Reichardt

Carrie Reichardt creates anarchic artworks where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by re-firing with layers of new ceramic decals. They are modified in a “radical use of traditional things” and often adorned with skulls, cheeky slogans and political statements. Her first solo exhibition, entitled “Mad in England”, provided an exploration of this theme, which she has continued to pursue in subsequent work.

The Mosaic House- who wants to live here?! How could you not smile when walking past this amazing house.

Carrie Reichardt has been an outspoken advocate for using Art as a form of personal therapy and “Mad In England” is a perfect back stamp for her work. It is fitting that her house and studio in Chiswick is famously called The Treatment Rooms.


Three years in the making, the Elm Tree of Life is a new public art mosaic which can be found at the junction of Wells Terrace and Clifton Terrace near the new entrance of Finsbury Park station. The Elm Tree of Life represents local tales, individuals, and the history of the community through mosaic, bringing back nature to the urban space.

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The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix new coming of age drama ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ follows the life of Beth Harmon, a young girl who has risen from the perils of a mid century orphanage to become the most celebrated chess player of the Cold War period.

The Queen’s Gambit may be about a tactical game but it does not disappoint in also serving up some serious 60s fashion inspiration. The aesthetic of this fabulous era comes through not only in the fashion but also the stunning interior design.

Check mate? Checks and Plaids are always a popular trend year on year- especially in autumn/winter. Here they take centre stage in a lot of this young protagonists fashion choices.

Though Beth comes from humble beginnings, as her status grows so does her appetite for beautiful things. From coveting the most on-trend clothes to redecorating her home using the striking patterns and colours of the time. We think this calls for a 60s revival in all things home furnishing.

Images from The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix.

If you haven’t already, we at The Print Affair highly recommend giving this fabulous show a watch. At 8 episodes its not too much of a commitment, also we won’t judge if you binge it all in one weekend… we did!

Top picks for SS21

From the comfy geometric to fun florals and then just OTT for dressing- up post vaccine, these are our favourite looks and prints from Sublitex.

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Jacky Puzey

Jacky Puzey is one of our favourite textile artists at The Print Affair, and  she launches a new collection  Urban Leopards, Neon Cities at the Decorex show  at Chelsea Harbour today as part of the ‘Design-Nation’ featured artists.

Urban Leopards, Neon Cities is inspired by Planet Earth II – Cities, where the co-existence & fusion between the living ‘city ghosts’ – the jungle leopards of Sanjay Gandhi National Park – and the Mumbai inhabitants who live within its boundaries, forms a constant tension between natural & manmade environments.  It explores the balance of grass roots adaption and change to a world that is threatening a species’ survival but also, conversely, helping their existence with regards to hunting and opportunity.  

Urban Leopards, Neon Cities is a continuation of Jacky’s interest into this frisson, with leopards appearing from behind dark silhouetted leaves in an urban garden setting as they move through the undergrowth at night – their ‘eye shine’ from the lamps above being the only ‘tell’ to the humans around them.  These elusive and darkly elegant animals are captured in Jacky’s unique story-telling and rich illustrative embroidery with the bright neon colours of the dynamic tropical modern Mumbai, intertwining with its faded 1920’s Art Deco history.

Elements of decorative exotica overlay and intertwine throughout the work with embroidered and  printed butterfly motifs sitting alongside a quote from Mahatma Gandhi in the region’s main language – Marathi – as a dramatic backdrop. Bringing an exotic, glamorous but dangerous animal and its habitat to life.

Jacky Puzey’s new website, showcasing Urban Leopards, Neon Cities and all of her previous collections can be found at .

Below are some of Jacky’s earlier collections Peacocks and Squirrels, mouth wateringly sumptuous in colour and texture.

Urban Leopards, Neon Cities will premiere at Decorex (17-19 November 2020) as part of Design Nation.

TREND: Lady Like dressing

An interesting trend that is emerging has a nostalgic and historical feel in many ways. Prints from the new Gucci collection remind us of elaborate and luxurious wallpapers and ‘granny’ ditsy prints. It’s a look that is going to work from winter through to early next year. A transitional trend that is modernised with interesting fashion shapes and lots of layering and also by putting clashing of prints together.


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Zimmermann has gone for a prettier look, using feminine floaty and frilly fabrics with very feminine prints. Larger scale, very detailed florals on dark grounds make for a beautiful collection. Their S/S 2021 collection has a lighter, softer colour palette; all while keeping within the same feeling.

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Horror Vacui

A new discovery for us here at the print affair; Horror Vacui. Anna Heinrichs founded Horror Vacui in Paris in 2014 after 10 years at her family’s sewing business. The label’s name means ‘fear of emptiness’ in Latin, and in the arts and visual disciplines it refers to filling all spaces with detail – a reflection of the brand’s maximalist aesthetic. The pieces are inspired by nightdresses from the 15th and 16th century, focusing on feminine silhouettes and Liberty prints. Bold ruffles and serrated edges add a modern finishing touch.

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SAXX is a sassy brand from Canada specializing in high tech comfortable underwear for men. They have some great prints and we thought it time we reviewed some menswear. You can read more about their products at

They are available in the UK from,, and 

All photos from Saxx Underwear

Seeing Spots

Weather it be regular, irregular, polka dot, spot or blob! Its that time of year again to remind you of the fabulous timeless spot prints we have available for you in the Sublitex archive. Every scale, composition and colour combination are available; just get in touch and we will be happy to cater to your design needs. Below is a small selection of a few classics for your perusal.

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Lisou is a London-based fashion brand specialising in beautiful silk pieces with a twist. 

The new Lisou collection is full of wearable, classic pieces with a modern twist and are made from the finest silks. All of the prints are designed in-house; from conversation rainbow prints to bold geometrics this collection really is fabulously playful and fun.

About the brand: Having grown up in Tanzania, head designer Rene Macdonald moved to the UK at a young age but always travelled back and forth to Africa where her family were based, a place that continues to influence and inspire her. A former stylist and vintage collector; Rene has a unique way of combining unexpected colours and creating vibrant prints which makes each of her pieces special and stand out.

All images from their new collection, from

House of Hackney Fashion

Following on from our Jacobean post we wanted to share with you the House of Hackney Boudicca dress: named after the British warrior queen, legendary for leading a revolt against Roman rule. They are spearheading their own uprising against fast fashion and throwaway culture.

Whilst HofH clothing collection was deeply loved, they felt that the wastage involved didn’t fit with their values around sustainability. That’s why the new Boudicca dress will be strictly limited edition and made to order in England, minimising the impact on the environment.

Designed in five much-loved prints (ARTEMIS, BLACKTHORN, GOLDEN LILY, PHANTASIA and SATURNALIA), it’s as effortlessly stylish as it is endlessly versatile – making it a piece you will wear and keep forever.

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Doth mother know you weareth her drapes ?

Well I say, that there is “nought wrong with that” and am looking forward to these ultra feminine and elegant prints. The look we refer to is a Jacobean print which has an interesting history of fabrics sourced from India but this time with a European origin.

In the 17th Century embroideries from Flanders were being imported into England featuring flowing acanthus leaf designs arranged in all over patterns. Jacobean ladies were busy making crewel wool embroideries on linen of flowers, birds, tree of life motifs, and decorative leaves. The newly formed English East India Company merchants picked up on this decorative trend and took samples out to the Indian Palam pores fabric printers.  Quickly these woven techniques inspired similar prints and the Jacobean print was born. Later the Arts and Crafts movement and William Morris revisited the style and popularity of the style was reborn. Ever since this regularly comes around as a print trend in both home furnishings and fashion.

Princess Elizabeth 1606 by Robert Peake the Elder: The Metropolitan  Museum of Art NYC.

Specific design requests from our 16,000 + design library or custom printing of your own digital designs can be sent to Sarah at;

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