Scamp and Dude

Cool, fun and colourful looking prints at first glance. But look deepwe and there is a special message behind this brand ‘Scamp & Dude’; created by Jo Tutchener-Sharp.

In October 2015 Jo’s life took a difficult turn when she suffered a brain haemorrhage. She had to leave her children for a lengthy stay in hospital to undergo life threatening brain surgery. Every parent understands the feeling you get when you have to leave your child, whether it be a business trip or first day at school. That knot in the stomach and the ache in the heart. It was this moment that inspired Jo to create a brand that helps children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones, and Scamp & Dude was born. From something dark came something light.

The message that a ‘Super hero has your back’ and an embroidered superpower button on the sleeve for those moments when you need a magic boost.


Superpower infused scarves with a difference.  For every scarf sold, we donate another to a woman in need.  This may be a woman with cancer, or the mother of a child with cancer. We want women everywhere to know that we’ve got their back, and to send strength and superpowers when they need it most.  We are donating scarves to women in need via Great Ormond Street and The Royal Marsden. 

Phoebe Grace

Established in London, Phoebe-Grace is a British designed luxury leisurewear brand. The foundation of the brand is to re-invent luxe leisurewear by creating a connection between comfort and chic sophistication. Our prints are injected with an abundance of fun, resulting in individually designed pieces, offering women effortless dressing with style and glamour.

Quality is central to our brand mission when crafting these timeless pieces. From perfecting in-house designed prints to crafting the flawless silhouettes – we ensure that each garment meets our high-quality standards.

Take look below at the Summer 2020 collection, beautiful colours and print designs. For more designs take a look at the website

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The Bold and Forever-Versatile Trend of ‘The Geometric’ has been of interest lately. Heading into Transitional and Autumn/Winter: geometrics are easy to wear, ageless and there is something for every taste.  From Squares & Triangles to Retro Waves, an era of ‘anything goes’ is here and below are some our Sublitex favourites.      

Specific design requests from our 16,000 + design library or custom printing of your own digital designs can be sent to Sarah at;

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Wedding season 2020

The new normal… weddings are back with a maximum of 30 guests. If you are lucky enough to be on the guest list here are a few ideas for the all important wedding guest outfit.

Silk Fred

Empowering independent: In the beginning, we wanted to connect women with all of the amazing independent brands that couldn’t be found on the high-street. Powered by you: Unlike most fashion brands, trends don’t dictate us – you do. We work closely with our brands and customers to be best in class for party outfits, weddings, brunch and more. By women, for women: The present is female, and we’re super proud to be made up of 80% women (CEO included).

Animal Print:

Floral Prints:

Abstract Prints:

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Delftware – Ceramics to textiles

The striking blue-and-white ceramics from Delft, which this year celebrate their 400th anniversary, have come to epitomise the Netherlands. Yet Delftware’s route to production and popularity relied on a truly international cast of characters. From Chinese porcelain makers, via Middle Eastern ceramicists to a British Queen and her French interior designer, this national icon has truly multi-national origins.

Now a trend for the high street; as these beautifully decorative ceramics become the inspiration for some fabulous prints. Seen below in the likes of Quiz, New Look and River Island. A fresh colour palette mixed with feminine printed details; what’s not to love?

Sublitex print designs

Specific design requests from our 16,000 + design library or custom printing of your own digital designs can be sent to Sarah at;

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Desmond & Dempsey x H&M

Just in time for lockdown (hopefully) coming to an end, the luxury pyjama brand Desmond & Dempsey opens the bedroom door and steps out into the bright sunlight. Together with H&M, they have created a capsule collection featuring laidback dresses and kaftans, all in unique prints created by hand and inspired by the Desmond & Dempsey founders Molly Goddard and Joel Jeffery’s birthplace Australia. Palms and botanical elements flourish in repeat patterns or Toile de Jouy-like prints in a colour palette of saffron yellow, dusty pink, azure blue, forest green and soft beige.

“Our prints start with an adventure. It doesn’t always have to be far, but a visit to somewhere that has triggered our imagination.”

Molly Goddard:

Desmond and Dempsey

Thought we may as well include some of our favourite prints from Desmond and Dempsey; if you would rather stay in and keep the pyjamas on…

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Spread your wings and fly:

As some of us finally come out of lockdown we want to unfurl ourselves and enjoy our new freedom. We are imitating one of the British public’s favourite print themes, the butterfly. Whether it be realistic, fanciful or abstract wing prints these have always been most commercial and appealing prints.

Specific design requests from our 16,000 + design library or custom printing of your own digital designs can be sent to Sarah at;

07984 467997

How to see new print designs ?

Sublitex and The Print Affair are working hand in hand to bring you the latest print designs through multi-media channels using videos, blogs and Instagram. Watch the film then scroll down this blog to see the jpegs of the designs.

Sublitex Video Presentation

The designs shown in the video and on @sublitexsrl will in turn be posted on both @theprintaffair and blog. This gives designers access to fast fashion, transitional and AW 2020 designs.

Fast Fashion 2020

Print Picks of the Week ………

‘Keep it casual’

Specific design requests from our 16,000 + design library or custom printing of your own digital designs can be sent to Sarah at;

07984 467997

What have you been watching?

During Lock-down we have all been watching rather a lot of TV and naturally print spotting. Here are our top picks.

The Tiger King

Carole Baskin. Image: Facebook page
How can we ever forget the fairy band of Carole Baskin and her swirling pink patchwork skin prints. Joe Exotic….I am lost for Words. Images: Netflix.

Killing Eve

Villanelle in a La DoubleJ dress, Golden Goose boots, and a Dragon
Diffusion bag Photo: Courtesy of AMC/Des Willie/BBCA

Dead to me

Normal People

White Lines

Check out my rave shirts like …….and my Ex loves a bit of animal.