Noel Fielding’s Iconic Shirts

Turning heads is what Noel Fielding knows how to do best, and that certainly hasn’t changed since his debut on the Great British Bake off as host last year. The choice of brightly patterned shirt that he decides to wear is almost as newsworthy as the baking itself.

This was no different last week when Noel started off the series in a brick wall printed shirt from womenswear brand, Lazy Oaf.


A Print Affair favourite, Silken Favours, had their raven shirt worn by Noel for his first ever appearance on the show.


Italian week last year saw Noel wear this rather out there shirt. The contestants were asked to make pizza that week so he certainly didn’t look out of place.


Lazy Oaf also featured last year in bread week when Noel modelledthis mood lifting smiling face shirt.


This final shirt is a all round winner for the bold presenter. Again, from Lazy Oaf, this shirt is full of fun with cakes and ice creams which Noel wore during caramel week last year.

Silken Favours

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade –


Twitter is buzzing with comments on Channel 4’s take over of “The Great British Bake off ” and the two new presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding. Much has been about Noel’s “Raving Ravens” shirt from Silken Favours, a design company that we were wooed by and contacted earlier this summer to learn more about.


I managed to catch up with the talented designer Vicki Murdock about her vibrant fun design company Silken Favours.

Her products are dotted around the finest shops in London, Italy, America and China. These bright, elaborate printed goods can’t help but make you smile.

With a modern and wearable spin on kitsch, Vicki aims to fill our homes and wardrobes with beautifully intricate designs full of fun and colour.

Image – Vicki Murdock surrounded by her products

With products ranging from cushions, to silk scarves, to wallpaper, Vicki has all avenues covered with these playful surface patterns. She takes a light hearted approach to subjects and mainly seeks inspiration from the natural world.

Cactus and Cat Peach Design

The detailed illustrative qualities shine through her prints. She begins each design with intricate pen and ink techniques and then brings each design to life digitally which is also where she creates the interesting compositions.

In Vicki’s ‘Jungle is Massive’ collection we really see her skill with composition come to life. Below, see the way that she plays with symmetry in the designs to combine lots of different elements in a wearable way.

Jungle is massive collection

Left to right: Peach Love and Cati Silk Poncho, Pink Beachbeak Silk Poncho


Silken Favours Twitter, REN Christmas 2017 launch products

Silken Favours is not just limited to textile application. Here is a collaboration with skincare company, REN, who are showcasing her exotic prints on their packaging.


With thanks to Vicki Murdoch

All Images from and copyright Silken Favours.