Seville – Cole and Son Wallpaper collection

Prints and patterns are sure to instantly bring personality into your home and at the moment we are spending a lot of time in our houses staring at the same four walls. For a look that is sure to stand the test of time its best to choose a design in calming calming, natural colours; florals and botanicals work really well. Don’t be afraid to make a statement through, below is a beautiful collection from Cole and Son inspired bu Seville. Feast your eyes on the below.

Spanning over two millennia of royal heritage and a plethora of cultural fusions, the Andalusian capital of Seville is a captivating testament to the city’s lineage of diverse settlers. From its Phoenician foundation to Roman rule, and centuries of Islamic dynasties and Christian Castilian conquerors, came waves of unique crafts and traditions leaving an indelible mark upon the Iberian city port. SEVILLE captures all the ebullience of southern Spain.

Native to the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet flourishes in the searing Sevillian heat of the Alcázar’s courtyards and city gardens.

All images are from Head over to the website to see the full collection and different colourways, they really are beautiful and inspiring… now to visit seville!

House of Hackney Joins The Reformation


House of Hackney x Reformation is here. The renowned British print house and cult US clothing brand join forces to present a capsule collection of must-have pieces you’ll want to wear again and again.


Balancing beautiful designs with the idea of mindful consumerism, this collection celebrates the two brands’ shared eco-conscious and socially aware values. Everything in the collection is made from recycled fabric in limited production runs, ensuring low wastage and an environmentally friendly approach.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 20.58.45


Marrying House of Hackney’s iconic prints with Reformation’s effortlessly flattering silhouettes, the range comprises dresses, tops and jumpsuits that all transcend seasonal trends. With three breath-taking prints across four shapes, sustainable fashion never looked so good.

We’ve been obsessing over House of Hackney’s unique and whimsical prints for a long time and are thrilled to be joining forces for this capsule collection! Marrying amazing House of Hackney designs with some of our fave Ref staples, the collection stays true to our shared commitment towards sustainable and waste-free practices.” – Yael Aflalo, Founder and CEO, Reformation.


We are so excited to join ‘the Reformation’! This capsule collection is a true representation of our fashion principles and overall values as a brand, creating beautiful designs with an eco-conscience. We feel honoured to be partnering with one of the leaders in this movement towards sustainable and low wastage fashion.” – Frieda Gormley, Co-Founder and Director, House of Hackney.


Here is a look at some of the beautiful prints in the collection:

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.02.11Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.02.45Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.03.01Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 21.03.18

You can shop the collection at both and

With thanks to the press team at House of Hackney. All images copyright House of Hackney.


Silken Favours

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade –


Twitter is buzzing with comments on Channel 4’s take over of “The Great British Bake off ” and the two new presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding. Much has been about Noel’s “Raving Ravens” shirt from Silken Favours, a design company that we were wooed by and contacted earlier this summer to learn more about.


I managed to catch up with the talented designer Vicki Murdock about her vibrant fun design company Silken Favours.

Her products are dotted around the finest shops in London, Italy, America and China. These bright, elaborate printed goods can’t help but make you smile.

With a modern and wearable spin on kitsch, Vicki aims to fill our homes and wardrobes with beautifully intricate designs full of fun and colour.

Image – Vicki Murdock surrounded by her products

With products ranging from cushions, to silk scarves, to wallpaper, Vicki has all avenues covered with these playful surface patterns. She takes a light hearted approach to subjects and mainly seeks inspiration from the natural world.

Cactus and Cat Peach Design

The detailed illustrative qualities shine through her prints. She begins each design with intricate pen and ink techniques and then brings each design to life digitally which is also where she creates the interesting compositions.

In Vicki’s ‘Jungle is Massive’ collection we really see her skill with composition come to life. Below, see the way that she plays with symmetry in the designs to combine lots of different elements in a wearable way.

Jungle is massive collection

Left to right: Peach Love and Cati Silk Poncho, Pink Beachbeak Silk Poncho


Silken Favours Twitter, REN Christmas 2017 launch products

Silken Favours is not just limited to textile application. Here is a collaboration with skincare company, REN, who are showcasing her exotic prints on their packaging.


With thanks to Vicki Murdoch

All Images from and copyright Silken Favours.


alice logo

Alice Grosso –


…The Catwalk for the festival season

Forget the music, everyone knows the line up, what we all care about is the fashion at Coachella, the most glamorous festival of the year. The LA based festival sets the trends for the season ahead and this year, prints of all kinds were taking center stage.

left – @travellovefasion, right – @trendenvy

With palm tree backdrops, sun kissed selfies and a playground for the celebrity A listers, all eyes have been firmly scanning what was being worn by these beauties. Prints galore…Mix and match, coordinating, conversationals, floral, patchwork, prints of every era imaginable graced this Californian valley.

Both images, @boho_fashion, Instagram 

Looking at the catwalk, the style is very much mirrored with the Roberto Calvalli and the Anna Sui ready to wear 2017 collections.

Roberto Calvalli ready to wear 2017,

Throwing together different types of print and clashing colours work beautifully in this collection and really embody a bohemian, free natured style.

The Anna Sui ready to wear collection is all about layering. Coordinating feminine floral pieces sitting along side slogan prints and prints underneath layers of embroidery, the more the better this season.

Anna Sui ready to wear 2017,

Both images, @Boho_fashion, Instagram

Below are some Sublitex prints for the festival season

Pastel Paisleys


Powerful Patchworks


Pretty Posies




Dark Based Florals


Trending in London and Paris


Sublitex are launching 5 new collections and previewed these at the London Fashion Fair in Islington this week. They will then be going on to Premiere Vision in Paris at the beginning of February to launch the full collections. The collection combines both rotogravure and digital prints – Sublitex are the leaders in Europe supplying clients with their own designs for sublimation printing using either of these routes.
The London Fashion Fair is early enough in the year to cater for the Fast Fashion market who readily turn concepts into garments in the stores in a matter of 2 – 3  of weeks. This speed to market allows British manufacturing to compete with oversea imports offering speed to market, smaller batches and the ability to quickly restock the shelves regularly to respond to precisely to the sales success of winning styles.










Other clients with long range manufacturing were looking for high summer this week – when we might see our first snow of the year in London! Some store groups have even started on Autumn Winter 2017/18 so Sublitex are offering these design concepts and building on this for the Paris show. If you are going to Premiere Vision in February be sure to pop into Indigo and see that expanded collection from Sublitex.

Graduate Feature: Making Their Mark


Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating this year’s graduates’ work of all styles, giving a platform for new designers. We have been reviewing shows from colleges, universities and New Designers in London and have picked our top collections. Each collection is unique and shows a different set of skills by each of the designers.

For our first week, we’ve put together designers who are making their mark, inspired by technology and the urban scene, and different styles and eras of architecture.

Pindi Kaur


Pindi Kaur studied BA (Hons) Textile Design at De Montfort University:

I am textiles designer, specialising in printed textiles. I created a collection called ‘Transmit’ where the concept was based on technology and focusing on intricate details of computer chips, broken electronic devices, and the strong mark marking of sound waves and electrical currents. In terms of my design direction, I am attracted to strong structures, crisp lines and abstract shapes with fine detail, which overlap onto textures. I enjoy layering medias together by combining digital printing with layers of screen printing on top, as well as being able to experiment, by altering the scale of patterns and manipulating the surface of fabrics with pigments and the technique of foiling. Pindi wants to continue on designing, to create collections, as well as focusing on pursing a career in merchandising.

Contact Pindi:


website e   website c

Sophie Wade


Sophie’s final collection was inspired by the Barbican estate in London. She studied Textile Design (BA Hons) at Nottingham Trent University:

I wanted to challenge the aesthetic of this brutal, concrete utopia and make it contemporary and wearable for fashion fabrics. I loved building a strong concept for my final project and building a particular look and style. Although my work is predominately digital, I am very hands on in the first stages of design. I like to use many different types of media in my sketchbook work and create quite textural, collaged pieces of work before scanning in and developing the designs.

Sophie is starting at the Next head office in a few weeks in Leicester as a Trainee Buyer for Home:

Slightly different to my final project as I was taken down the fashion route, but I have always seen myself working for homewares and I’m really excited to work for a company like Next who are so involved with design and fashion to keep me in the loop!

Contact Sophie:

See more of her work on her Instagram: @sewtextiles



Charlotte Gibson


Charlotte Gibson was also inspired by architecture for her final project on Textile Design at De Montfort University:

Architecture is hugely influencing my approach right now, the idea of symmetry and balance in grid like forms, teamed with light and shadow. This concept is based around the Bauhaus style and its influence in modern design. As a designer my style automatically veers towards Art Deco style and I wanted to give my collection a contemporary twist by carefully selecting the right colour ways and scale without it looking too retro.

T E L   A V I V

‘Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form’

I have always been interested in how I inhabit spaces and how I can change them to feel more aesthetic. I want to design what I love. If I can indulge myself into a creative process and spread this emotion and beauty through interior textile design alone then I have done something right. This is where I want to be. This is where I will be.

Contact Charlotte:




Jessica Ellwood


Jessica Ellwood studied Textile Design BA (Hons) at Nottingham Trent University and has also been inspired by the urban world:

My inspiration comes from materials which make up the urban environment, responding to how metal warps and rusts over time, or how concrete weathers and decays. Likewise, I love to explore fabric, and its potentials in line with print. I like to ask questions about print – what would happen if I pleat this? How can I create this texture on a flat surface?

I would like to technically develop my screen printing skills – my dream would be to work in a small, creative studio where I can work alongside other like-minded people. Running my own studio is something I would love to do!

Contact Jessica at :

And see more of her work on her Instagram: @jessellwoodprints



PLEASE NOTE: These designs are the intellectual property of the artists and as such may not be used or replicated but may be available for purchase direct from the artist.


Home Furnishing Trends

By Laura Newton -

By Laura Newton –

Following my trip to London Design Festival in September I have pulled out some ideas from SUBLITEX to fit my favourite Home Furnishing Trends…

Bloomsbury Revival

A fusion of Bohemian influences with bold and busy patterns in rich colours. Showcasing decorative art styles on lusciously printed velvets and rustic linen effects.




An exploration of craft and traditional techniques such as embroidery and crewelwork.




Painterly and diffused mark-making in organic and architectural forms.



Festival Style 2015

2015 was certainly the year of the festival. Fashionistas run free with sequins, rainbows and glitter. Here we take a look at some of our favourite styles from the biggest and best of the festivals the world has to offer.

Secret Garden Party

The theme of this year’s SGP, set in idyllic fields in Cambridge, was ‘childlike things’. Talking robots, building blocks, mud wrestling and dancing power rangers surrounded the fabulously dressed festival-goers, who were powering through the 22 hour rain shower!

IMG_3615         IMG_3668IMG_3651


Photos: Alannah Messett

Glastonbury 2015

The biggest and best festival in the UK (if not everywhere!), Glastonbury doesn’t really need an introduction. Go-to outfits for festivals include printed sets and the classic Levi shorts, as shown by these festival lovers, and don’t forget your trusty bum bag!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Cressida Bonas enjoying Glastonbury in a matching two piece set.


Who could forget Coachella? Kicking off the festival season back in April, supermodels and superstars flock to Indio to enjoy the first big party of the summer in the Californian heat. We love the dreamy, relaxed bohemian vibe of Coachella.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images



Body art was also a popular trend at Coachella and other festivals this year. Temporary tattoos are the perfect fashion statement, without the pain!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images