Seville – Cole and Son Wallpaper collection

Prints and patterns are sure to instantly bring personality into your home and at the moment we are spending a lot of time in our houses staring at the same four walls. For a look that is sure to stand the test of time its best to choose a design in calming calming, natural colours; florals and botanicals work really well. Don’t be afraid to make a statement through, below is a beautiful collection from Cole and Son inspired bu Seville. Feast your eyes on the below.

Spanning over two millennia of royal heritage and a plethora of cultural fusions, the Andalusian capital of Seville is a captivating testament to the city’s lineage of diverse settlers. From its Phoenician foundation to Roman rule, and centuries of Islamic dynasties and Christian Castilian conquerors, came waves of unique crafts and traditions leaving an indelible mark upon the Iberian city port. SEVILLE captures all the ebullience of southern Spain.

Native to the tropics of South America, Angel’s Trumpet flourishes in the searing Sevillian heat of the Alcázar’s courtyards and city gardens.

All images are from Head over to the website to see the full collection and different colourways, they really are beautiful and inspiring… now to visit seville!

Ligne Roset



Ligne Roset, the high-end French furniture company, showcased their latest collection as well as their new collaboration with 2LG and Custhom studios at the Westend showroom during London Design Festival.

The ‘Triangle’ Collaboration

Uniting each company’s expertise, the “triangle” collaboration uncovered the poetically deconstructed one-off Slice chair designed by Pierre Charpin. The chair was outfitted in the Ligne Roset factory in France with the engineered printed velvet from the Forest Hill collection, and was inspired by the Victorian home and design muse of Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe, the founders of 2LG.


Forest hill green. Picture: Custhom

2LG (short for 2 Lovely Gays) is an interior design company based in London, focusing on ‘Simplicity, elegance, functionality and [their] signature use of colour.’


Custhom is a research-based design practice working with handmade processes, experimenting with graphic-led design and sold internationally.

The Forest Hill Print Collection

The Forest Hill print collection focuses on deconstructed florals designed in collaboration between South East London design studios, 2Lovely Gays and Custhom. It comprises wall covering with screen printed metallics and a range of fabrics including printed velvet, Devore sheers and printed linens. The print features on Slice.

2ligne-roset-web-2   2ligne-roset-web-4

The Slice Chair

Slice is almost 20 years old. Sketched out in 1996 and produced by Cinova in 1998, its production and distribution remained, at this time, at a level which could well qualify as confidential. The galerie Kreo took charge of distribution in 1999, thus helping it become known, inserting its colourful image into the vast ‘landscape’  of contemporary design in the early years of the new millennium.

Ligne Roset’s happy decision to reissue Slice today, in a version with re-evaluated comfort, gives this model a whole new  life whilst remaining in tune with the project’s original intentions: to offer an accessible form of seating which is at once classic in shape, its lines clearly evoking the Club armchair, and contemporary in use with the possibility of adding footstools to vary the dimensions of its seat.

“At Ligne Roset, we believed that associating the velvet printed Forest Hill (100% cotton) by upholstering Slice designed by Pierre Charpin would enhanced the initial and similar creation concept: deconstruction.”

2ligne-roset-web-7   2ligne-roset-web-6

“At Ligne Roset, we believed that associating the velvet printed Forest Hill (100% cotton) by upholstering Slice designed by Pierre Charpin would enhanced the initial and similar creation concept: deconstruction.”

If there is no doubt at all that Slice is a seat, it is also an object the intention of which is to invite us to live with colour.

The Slice showcased at Ligne Roset Westend (which is now shown at the Ligne Roset City showroom) is a unique piece.

Find out more:

Product: Slice
Designer: Pierre Charpin
Manufacturer: Ligne Roset
Description: armchair + 2 footstool
Fabric: Forest Hill velvet designed by 2LG x Custhom, 100%Velvet
Price (for the full set): £6000
Stockist: / 0207 323 1248

Pictures & information: Ligne Roset

Kaffe Fassett



Kaffe Fassett, originally from San Francisco, is well known for his designs in the decorative arts. He has designed knitwear for Missoni and Bill Gibb, who he collaborated with for many years. His work is in museum collections across the globe and he has over thirty publications that teach the design stages of his work and the importance of colour.

Kaffe worked with Liza Prior Lucy in USA, producing new patchwork designs – his first look at printed fabric design. He then released his book ‘Glorious Patchwork’ in 1997. Now, he works on an ‘expanding range of fabric prints for the patchwork market’. As well as the patchwork market, his prints are also for Indian stripes fabric and shot cotton fabric ranges distributed by Westminster Fibers, USA and Rowan, UK.

KAFFE 2014 – The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett



In 2014, the American Museum in Bath held a colourful retrospective of Fassett’s work.

This is the grandest show of my career – every item is part of an intricate opera of colour…I’m flying high on colour!” – Fassett, 2014.

In the early 1960s, Kaffe stayed in Bath and was fascinated with the museum’s antique quilts – “not only with the block patterns created in these textile masterworks but also by their audacious use of juxtaposed colours and printed fabrics”. Over 100 pieces of work were on display showcasing the designer’s love for colour. Watch a short film to learn more about the exhibition here.

Kaffe’s printed fabric designs are full of exciting colour palettes.

Spring 2016 Collection

Striped Heraldic


Button Flowers




Fall 2015 Collection

Striped Heraldic




Fall 2014 Collection



Thousand Flowers


See more of Fassett’s prints here


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