Painterly, expressive paintings translated to wearable fashion, Pazuki is the continuation of a life long love of fabric and colour for creative director, Pookie Blezard.


Pookie, growing up south west London, was always very creative and came from a musical and artistic family. She has been the creative director of Pazuki for over 30 years now and started the business shortly after her Printed Textile Degree at Camberwell School of Arts.

The brand ethos is to enable women to express themselves through colour and print which is why this brand really caught our eye.

The SS17 Pazuki collection is inspired by serene English gardens in full summer bloom. In keeping with Pazuki’s style, many of the prints are evolved from Pookie’s beautiful, organic paintings. Pookie also took inspiration from Finnish artist and photographer Sandra Kantanen, best known for her mystical, blurred artworks with muted colour palettes.


The collection includes scarves, shirts, dresses and skirts all in soft, lightweight fabrics. High quality fabric is a very important element to Pazuki designs.


As well as the great printed fabrics, we love the lookbook that showcases the SS17 range and the expressive printed backdrops in the photos that really compliment the outfits.





“Down with black! It may make you feel thin but it seems so joyless. I know I’m a print designer, but a woman who walks into a room wearing beautiful colours or a great print, immediately attracts and intrigues me. And that is what I love to create.” Pookie Blezard





Here is a look at some of the new prints in the SS17 range:




Clematis Navy – This design is a painting of a Clematis climbing up the face of a house. Pookie braved extremely windy and rainy weather, and the artwork constantly flipping up into her face and covering her in paint, to complete it. It was a real test of endurance, but the effort was worth it. The result is a wonderfully detailed and eye-catching print. (









Beanstalk – Pookie came across a strange looking leafy branch at a flower stall in west London and couldn’t resist buying and painting it. This print is the outcome. The stalk appears to climb up the design.










Parrots Blue – When Pookie was in Portugal, she visited an old house in Sintra. The house had beautiful detailed mosaics of birds and flowers throughout. This print uses imagery of those ornate mosaics and combines them with mosaic inspired brush strokes. (



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Starla Michelle Halfmann

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade –


First coming across Starla Halfman’s work in Anthropologie, I was enchanted by the vibrant, painterly surface designs of her ceramics range. Looking into her work further, this expressive style is emulated across many different types of products and her portfolio of work is extensive. Based in Austin, Texas, Starla began her creative journey at University where she studied Fine Art and Design Communications. She then went on to work at a ‘desk job’ for 8 years before she decided it was time to pursue a career in her true passion.

I managed to catch up with Starla to ask her a few questions about her work.

– Describe your style in 5 words

Joyful, Textured, Bright, Colorful, & Detailed

– Where do you gain inspiration from?

I gain inspiration from nature and my faith


– What is your favourite medium to work with?

I love working with Acrylic

– Your collaboration with Anthropologie seems to be a huge success! What has been your most successful/favourite product for them?

One of the products Anthropologie launched in 2014 containing my art was an intricate jigsaw puzzle. It featured my original “Peruvian Night” and was a piece of art in itself. The craftsman’s ship was amazing!


Mooreland Puzzle for Anthropologie, 2014, feauturing Starla’s ‘Peruvian Night’ design

– Do you have any tips for aspiring designers/artists?

Keep doing what you love and try not to worry or force the outcome.

Starla is also currently working with May Designs on a range of stationary products. These are available now from

May Designs

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Starla Michelle Halfman,

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