Home Furnishings 2016

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By Laura Newton – designandcolour@gmail.com

Earlier in January, SUBLITEX were exhibiting at the Home Furnishings event HEIMTEXTIL in Frankfurt.


Showcasing an attractive selection of Printed Design across Digital, Gravure and Foils. The display was colourful, textural and showed a sophisticated variety of style and technique.


Sublitex welcomed customers from all over the world who were looking for Design solutions for their businesses. The Sublitex range is TREND focussed and enables customers to find the style that suits their market.


The general objective for people visiting Heimtex is to look at TREND suggestions, buy ARTWORK from the extensive selection in the Design Hall and, probably most importantly, meet with suppliers to kick-start this year’s collections.

From wall coverings to curtain poles, there is something for everyone and a real mixture of trends within each hall.

The ‘Theme Park’ is an experience in itself, this area picks out favourite fabrics and wall coverings from exhibitors and displays them in a dramatic manner to draw you in and focuses on 4 Trend Themes. This is always a nice way to start the trip to Heimtex as it allows you to observe and, where suitable, apply these suggestions to your own market.

This Year’s Themes:

‘PROTECT’: Clean aesthetic, or crisp, understated design.

‘ENERGISE’: Looking at a Digital age

‘NOURISH’: Urban and Natural landscapes

‘ENRICH’: Decorative luxury

I will focus more on this in my Trend blog post but for now, please see an overview of the show below:



Home Decoration

Today we are posting trend boards for Home Decoration. The first boards follow on almost seamlessly from our review of Thea Porter and 70s Bohemian Chic with a Middle Eastern feel.


5 stand trend


4 stand trend


We then heat up and see Caribbean and Central American trends that remind us of Frida Kahlo who has influenced both Valentino and Missoni collections this year.


6 stand trend


7 stand trend


Now we take the baroque and mosaic look to a softer, dustier level with a transparent and ethereal feel.


1 stand trend


2 stand trend


3 stand trend


It is important that we keep our minds open and accept influence from many directions if we are to keep creative. Print design crosses over markets and that is what we hope to illustrate with this blog.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 13.35.06


Here is the link again to Annie O Pinterest where you can see a host of inspirational images and trends from a range of sources. A veritable feast for the mind and eye.