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The highly anticipated, most instagramed exhibition of the year, ‘Yayoi Kasuma– The Moving Moment When I Went To The Universe’ has touched down in London this winter. With the free ticketed exhibition selling out within a day for a 3 month period, we were lucky enough to get our hands on some tickets and see some of her finest work.




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The highlight of the show was the infinity mirrored room “my heart is dancing to the universe”. The mirrored room is full of giant paper lanterns covered in polka dot patterns suspended from the ceiling. Conveying the illusion of being unmoored in endless space, this large-scale work, the latest example of Kusama’sfamed immersive environments, offers a sense of infinity through the interplay of the rhythmic patterns of colourfulspots covering the black spherical lamps and the surrounding mirrors.4

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Paintings from the artist’s celebrated, ongoing My Eternal Soul series are on view at Gallery II, Wharf Road. Joyfully improvisatory, fluid and highly instinctual, the My Eternal Soul paintings abound with imagery including eyes, faces in profile, and other more indeterminate forms, including the dots for which the artist is synonymous, to offer impressions of worlds at once microscopic and macroscopic.


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About Yayoi Kasuma

For almost seventy years Yayoi Kusama has developed a practice, which, though it shares affiliations with movements such as Surrealism, Minimalism and Pop Art, resists any singular classification. Born in Matsumoto City, Japan in 1929, she studied painting in Kyoto before moving to New York in the late 1950s, and by the mid-1960s had become well known in the avant-garde world for her provocative happenings and exhibitions.

Since this time, Kusama’s extraordinary artistic endeavours have spanned painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, performance, film, printmaking, installation and environmental art as well as literature, fashion (most notably in her 2012 collaboration with Louis Vuitton) and product design.

Image: avenuemontaigneguide.com


Vuitton and Kasuma 2012 collection, Vogue.co.uk

In 2020 Kusamawill create her first permanent UK installation for the new Crossrailstation at Liverpool Street. Titled Infinite Accumulation, the site-specific work develops her instantly recognisablemotif – the polka dot – into a series of flowing, mirrored steel sculptures, each up to 12 metreswide and 10 metrestall. Below is a digitally rendered image of the installation:9








Marimekko is a Finnish design house known for bold original prints and colours since 1951 with whom Uniqlo have teamed up to produce a new special edition collection called Life Wear. Simple timeless silhouettes for which Uniqlo is famed are adorned with the vibrant bold Scandi prints giving a joyful and confident range.2

“UNIQLO is known worldwide for its well-designed essentials that are made for all. The special edition Marimekko and UNIQLO brand collaboration collection allows us to share the joy of bold self-expression in print and colour with consumers around the world. We are very excited about this collaboration and can’t wait to see how people will wear the pieces in the collection to reflect their own style and personality,” says Tiina Alahuhta-Kasko, President and CEO of Marimekko.

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Marimekko is a Finnish design house celebrated worldwide for its original prints and colours. Founded in 1951 by a visionary woman Armi Ratia, Marimekko is said to be one of the world’s first real lifestyle brands combining fashion, bags and accessories as well as home decoration into one unique point of view.

The company states that “Through our timeless, distinctive and functional designs, we want to empower people to be happy as they are and bring joy to their everyday lives through bold prints and colours.”Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 18.35.35

Images Marimekko.com

The nine-style collection features tops, dresses, pants, sneakers, and bags. The prints in the collection were inspired by nature and urban lifestyle, including also a new print design specifically chosen to celebrate the Marimekko and UNIQLO collection. All of the prints were designed by Maija Louekari, one of Marimekko’s world-renowned print designers.
Read more: www.uniqlo.com/marimekko




Pantone Colour Of The Year – Ultra Violet



The time has come for Pantone, the colour experts, to release their ‘Colour of the Year’ and the shade they have chosen for 2018 is Ultraviolet. They describe that this colour ‘communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future’.

The Pantone Color of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

This particular colour is not too dissimilar to the new shade of purple they released earlier in the year which was dedicated to the late pop icon, Prince. Purple was synonymous within the musician’s career from the lyrics of Purple Rain to his flamboyant wardrobe to his custom made purple piano.


[Photo: Richard E. Aaron/Redferns/Getty Images]

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 19.03.39

[Images From: Elledecor.com, Pantone.com, @zodiaddicted twitter, cruelvamp.tumblr.com, aestheticofthezodiac.tumblr.com, domino.com, h&m.com]

“When you think about the purples and the complexities of the purple shade, especially once you start veering towards the blue-based purples, there’s that layer of thoughtfulness, of magic and mysticism, of spirituality,” says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. “What’s needed is this whole infusion of creativity and originality and nonconformity . . . it’s about successfully adapting and moving it forward and pivoting.”



With a varying collection of purple shades appearing on the SS18 catwalks, the colour of the year seems to reflect the Catwalk mood. Here is a look at some of the designers that propelled purple back into fashion this year:

Left to Right: Balenciaga, SS18, Paris, vogue.com and Versace, ss18, Imaxtree  

Lilac shades on the catwalk, SS18:

Left to Right: Victoria Beckham, SS18, Vogue.com and Tibi, SS18, vogue.com