Totally Tropical

Screen Shot 2020-03-16 at 21.54.34This year the Tropical Print is all about the Leaves, deep and lush to airy and light. A definite rain forest feel with little attention to the Flowers which when they do appear are subtly coloured to blend discreetly into the greenery. We see every shade of green blending together; emerald, khaki, mint, lime, turquoise and forest with pops of blue, nudes and russet reds as highlights to add definition to the prints. Get out your Indiana Jones outfit, machete and mosquito spray to hack a path through this exotic forest.




Arche is an ever-growing footwear label, which was founded in the 70s and is a product of essentials notions from that time: wellbeing, serenity, harmony, difference, multiculturalism and colour. Today, Arche creates designer shoes, sandals and boots with the same ethos at the core of every design and each pair is crafted to perfection by artisans in the Chateau Region of France. Despite being steeped in so much history and tradition, Arche is a fast-moving brand and the founders believe that black and brown don’t go with everything and that fashion is an art form to be kept up with. This collection of women’s Arche shoes ranges from burgundy shoe boots to classic patent slip-ons to sequinned court shoes.

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Rural Floral Romance

Fed up of the cold English weather and ready for Spring? We definitely are… Feast your eyes on the below feminine, colourful and beautiful florals from the Sublitex archive. Perfect for brightening up your day; different colourways sit side by side to show just how dramatically different prints can look on different grounds and in different colourways.

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Hope and Ivy

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While sat at home doing the usual social media scroll I came across this brand on instagram; ‘Hope and Ivy’.

I was instantly taken aback by their beautiful hand rendered prints and embroidery. Beautiful shaped and fashioned dresses at such a reasonable price; most printed dresses around the £75 mark. Stocked on ASOS and their website

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 19.19.59Their Ethos in their words:

The Hope and Ivy girl is confident, inspired and creative. The team put their heart into creating pieces that make women feel this way. It may be as the best dressed wedding guest, the carefree party girl who takes it from day to night or that one who pulls an effortless look for every summertime social event.

Hope and Ivy brings beautifully rich, soulful and well-crafted pieces straight to your wardrobe. Done with ultimate integrity, by championing inclusivity, sustainability and putting a personal passion into everything they do.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 19.18.25Their collection this season ‘Rural Romance’ took inspiration from a trip to a retired antique textiles dealer. She gave access to her impressive collection of 1920’s Kimonos; Vintage tea dressing and textured tapestries. Highlights included a range of uniquely printed cushions with delicate hand stitched lace work and hand drawn botanicals from antique illustration archives.

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