Dries Van Noten X Verner Panton

Dries Van Noten : 2019 menswear collection.

Prints inspired by Verner Panton.


Verner Panton is considered one of Denmark’s most influential 20th-century furniture and interior designers. During his career, he created innovative and futuristic designs in a variety of materials, especially plastics, and in vibrant and exotic colours. Now his amazing colour prints have been the inspiration for Dries Van Notens’ 2019 Menswear collection.

Vitra Panton chair – stardust.com/vitra-verner-panton-chair.

The wave rug –  https://www.instagram.com/verpancom/


Below are some original prints by architect and designer Verner Panton.



For the prints Dries wanted to pay homage to the influential work of architect and designer Verner Panton. He got permission from the Verner Panton estate to visit the archives and to use the original designs from Verner Panton for this collection. The estate also granted him permission to rescale some designs and to develop them in different colours. <instagram.com/driesvannoten>



Images: instagram.com/driesvannoten


Panton’s retro, 60s prints coloured in a range of bright colours including blues, oranges and reds are used to create shirts, trousers, shorts and coats.

“It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Verner Panton’s prints,” said Dries Van Noten. “We greatly enjoyed the confidence and freedom offered us in adapting and rescaling some of his works for garments.” <www.dezeen.com>

Head over to Dezeen or Vogue to see the full collection. Below is a small selection of the prints in tonal colours, varying scales and interesting placements.

Images : http://www.dezeen.com/2018/07/25/dries-van-noten-panton-ss19-collection-fashion/

dries Van Noten 2019



Only men can wear menswear? Beyonce would beg to differ here she is styling the menswear collection on her instagram account. Amazing colour and print showcasing a fun, exciting and vibrant collection.

Images : instagram.com/beyonce

Dior Tie Dyes

Lightness, fluidity and femininity – the story for Dior’s most recent collection. Muted tones bleeding into more saturated hues, the collection of beautifully executed tie dye prints has really put Dior back on the map as a leading  originator of print trend.1

Photos: Courtesy of Dior



Sublitex have an extensive library of tie dye prints that they have coloured to reflect the colour trend exploited by Dior.











French floral prints

The new ask is for “French ditsy florals”…….. but what are they ?

For us this harps back to the 1980s and the French style of Bon chic, bon genre , French for “Good style, good class”, which was shortened to BCBG. This look, as the Sloane Ranger in the UK and “Preppy”in the USA, was a back lash at the rather crass champagne Charlie image of the young new monied stock brokers and their partying crew and a rather snooty rebuttal.


In France, the idea was to appear conservative and classic, to “de-emphasize ‘sexiness’ and the ‘flashy’ signs of wealth”. It was heavily influenced by the British country set. Barbour Jackets, tweeds, pearls, scarves, liberty prints and M&S wool round necked jumpers and cardigans worn or tied around the shoulders. Big hair and shoulder pads were for the vulgar loud mouths while this lot preferred to look more demure with sharp bob cuts and Alice bands for the ladies and floppy fringes for the gents. Thierry Mantoux even wrote a book as to how to look and behave correctly as a BCBG member published in 1985. The look was still going strong in the early 1990’s amongst the well heeled French set.

Below is an illustration from ”arte” a monthly magazine alongside the Franco-German TV network arte. In every issue until august 2015 one phenomenon of french special behaviour or tradition was explained for german readers. The main colours of these illustrations were blue, white and read, like the French tricolour flag.


Today you can now find a plethora of sites selling vintage Cacharel blouses from this era. Cacharel was an immensely feminine brand at this time, with misty advertisements for Lou Lou and Anais Anais perfumes to match their classical floral blouses. As the trend grew the fashion house sourced their prints from Liberty of London, a stalwart look of British respectability.


Etsy.com Cacharel Vintage

thenextcloset.com                                 Rebelle.com

Paradise of Print, a French company, specialize in Cacharel  vintage garments which they sell exclusively through etsy.com.



Allyson McDermott

allyson mcdermott..jpg

allyson mcdermott logo

All Images from www.allysonmcdermott.com

We would like to introduce you to Allyson McDermott an artisan in the truest sense of the word, she is arguably the world’s leading authority on conserving, recreating and hanging historic wallpapers.  Part artist, part scientist, part sleuth, she peels away the layers of history for clients including The National Trust, Historic Royal Palaces and interior designers and architects worldwide.

Much of Allyson’s work is for architectural gems such as Brighton Pavilion and The Palace of Westminster, but she gains equal pleasure from creating decorative wallcoverings for private houses. Her studio holds an important archive of designs dating from the 17th – 20th Century, any of which can be recreated to order, and she is also working on her first ‘Portfolio’ collection, combining historic patterns with contemporary colourways.

The Royal Pavilion, a royal seaside residence in Brighton.

The Print affair will be following Allyson and her work and urge you to view the film below and do likewise. Make a cup of tea and take 5 minutes to be inspired;

Click here to watch Allyson Mcdermott at work

Former Head of Sotheby’s Conservation Studio, Advisor to the National Trust and Chair of the Historic Interiors Group of ICON,  Allyson McDermott has spent a lifetime conserving original historic wallpapers and researching materials and techniques, rediscovering century-old processes including woodblock printing, varnishing, gilding, embossing, hand painting and flocking.

Her expertise is built from years of hands-on experimentation; learning from success and failure alike. No detail is too small to get right and solutions are often extremely resourceful; from texturing gold-leafed paper with re-purposed mangle rollers to chopping wool into flock with a rotary lawnmower mechanism. Housed within a medieval manor in Gloucestershire, Allyson’s studio is one of the last remaining block printing studios in Europe and preserves many associated crafts including formulating historically correct paints. There are high-tech elements too, with advanced digital processes used to address particular projects. Above all, the studio’s work is about preserving and rediscovering the beauty of what had so nearly become a lost art.

Temple Newsam Regency stripe

Temple Newsam, one of the foremost country houses in Britain.

Midland Hotel, St Pancras Station London.

Allyson McDermott’s practice offers a wide range of specialist services including wallpaper design and printing, conservation and restoration of original wallpapers and interiors, investigation and research and historic interior design consultancy.

Visit allysonmcdemott.com

Allyson McDermott Studio
(+44) 01594 510003  Field house, Awre, Newnham upon Severn, Gloucestershire, GL141EH.

Showroom 8 Margaret’s Buildings, Bath, BA1 2LP

Bath Showroom 1


All Images from www.allysonmcdermott.com

Pantone: Colour of the year 2019

Pantone Colour of the Year 2019

16-1546 Living Coral

‘An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.’ – Pantone.com

A nurturing colour that appears in our natural surroundings all be it elusively in the the depths of the sea. Now Pantone brings this glorious, optimistic and joyful colour to the surface and the forefront of out minds.

Be playful with this colour that provides comfort and warmth.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 11.41.10

Stacie @the peachyrebel Graphic Designer and illustrator https://www.instagram.com/thepeachyrebel/


Coral Reefs. Oceans teeming with life and colour. Happy and healthy seas are a feast for the eyes. Nurturing the colours that appears in our natural world.

instagram – @alexmustard1 @shawnheinrichs

Let ‘Living Coral’ brighten up your day. With its’ golden undertones it is perfect for pairing with yellow and mint green combos. Blue is a natural choice to compliment this positive colour.  A clean and bold choice or try dusted down versions for a softer vintage feel.

instagram – @andhikaramadhia @patternpeople

Viktor and Rolf and Iris Van Herpen beautiful coral colours in their S/S 19 runway shows.


Instagram – @vdl_cosmetics  @giambattistavalliparis

Introducing the 2019 @Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral.

It is a warm, natural shade that’s energizing and positive. This year it is going to be one of the biggest visual trends.

Instagram @AdobeStock

Spring 2019 Couture runways showcasing Pantone colour of the year include Elie Saab and Valentino.



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Last year we were all fruity and this year we are re- visiting the British favourite flying insect. The look ranges from very realistic groups, diaphanous more abstract clouds, botanical to a more folkorique approach. Whatever your preference Sublitex have looks suitable for blouses through to the staple holiday maxi dress.12












2Founders Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, have started one of the hottest print focused ready to wear brands in recent years. Rixo is everywhere and everyone is talking about it. Starting in 2015, the brand has rocketed to premium stockists such as Liberty, Selfridges and Net a Porter.


Taking influence from gorgeous, eccentric vintage clothes but making them accessible and wearable for the modern day customer.

Photo: Henrietta Rix and Orlagh at their South London studio, Rixo.com





All of the Rixo prints are lovingly hand painted in their design studio and are all unique. Taking majority of their influence from bold vintage pattern, the brand manage to create very lively and creative prints from coloured animal, to clashing florals.





Critics have noticed them for their clever use of colourand combination of prints in any one collection. They have now secured themselves a spot in the fashion week line up.


With a healthy amount of celebrity endorsement from the likes of Emma Connolly, Freddie Harrel, Holly Wiloughbyand Dolly Alderton, Rixois now seen to be the must have brand in your wardrobe.

Here is a look at some of the most recent collections from Rixo:

Resort 19 – Romance in Rebellion


AW18 Studio 54


AW18 Disco Daze


Rixo separate their products on their website by print stories which is great if the print is the main focus of your garment.1112


Instagram- @rixo

Instagram – @theprintaffair

Toile de Jouy

Pronounced “twall Der J’oui”

not  étoile

not Ju – eee or Joo

Toile meaning linen or cotton canvas

Jouy as in the place Jouy-en-Josasin France where they first started using gravure copper plates over wooden blocks to print fine line pastoral scenes in single colours onto off white ground fabrics for home furnishings including wall and drapery fabric.

This is a strong new trend where the original version is now open to a more modern interpretation. This includes the introduction of more coloursand less pastoral scenes  including tropical foliage, birds and chinoiserie. Sublitex have a variety of styles and in some cases the same design in different sizes. The print can be simple and monochromatic or jazzed up with a bit of texture to look more antiquated and vintage or some bolder multi – colours introduced.

Try and pronounce this correctly as explained above as there are so many mis-understandings in our industry as to the correct name and pronunciation.