Design and Colour Ltd

sarah design

Sarah Glyn-Woods – designandcolour@gmail.com

An agency for print design, in particular Sublitex digital and gravure sublimation designs and Critical Digital Ltd interior graphics. Sarah Glyn-Woods is the owner of this company and has over 25 years experience in Sublimation printing of textiles for both home and fashion. As a founder member of this blog Sarah will be a regular contributor.


Alice Grosso



Alice is a stylist at Sublitex, a division of Miroglio Textile in Italy and regularly travels to the UK. She is well known as the creator of some of the most popular prints in UK stores, fashion forecasting and her strong individual style. As a founder member of this blog Alice will share her personal interests and design inspiration with us on a regular basis.


Laura Newton


Laura – blueyedesign40@gmail.com

Laura has her own design business called BLUEYE DESIGN, based in Leicester her major customer is SUBLITEX. She also offers her vast experience in design collection development and colouring as a freelance consultant undertaking projects both in the Fashion and Home Furnishing industry.


Sarah Patterson



Sarah is a Printed textile designer. A graduate of Nottingham Trent University with a BA in Textile Design and MA in Textile Design Innovation. Having worked for a swatch studio and now a textile supplier, Sarah has a real love for print and all things design related. A new member of the team; Sarah will be a regular contributor.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    A picture was taken of myself on the streets of London around the 8/6/2017, I was wearing White Glasses with a printed dress and Converse. If at all possible could this picture please be sent to my email address? I would love to use it on my social media page tagged as taken by The print affair.

    Kate Gannon


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