Lauren Perrin

Here at The Print affair we are always on the look out for fabulous prints and inspiring designers. We happened to stumble across the amazingly talented Lauren Perrin.

Lauren is a French designer based in London who creates sustainable tights and gloves, all manufactured in the UK. Whilst working in London a styling assistant, Lauren was regularly asked to source brightly coloured and patterned tights to add a pop of colour to curated looks. Frustrated by the overall conventionality and lack of variety offered by other brands, she decided to explore her own designs, and so Lauren Perrin was born.

The garments and accessories you will probably have already seen without realising as many celebrities have been recently donning these wacky and striking print. The likes of Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus to name a few.

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Jigsaw collaboration

It looks like British brand Jigsaw love her designs too as This Summer they have teamed up in a collaboration.

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