Fashioning Masculinities : V&A

Wishing you all a Happy and healthy New year! Lets make 2022 a great year full of inspiration and new and exciting adventures.

We always start off the year by looking forward and making exciting plans. We came across this exhibition and have put it straight in the diary. Looks like one not to be missed.

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At a moment of unprecedented creativity in men’s fashion and reflection on gender, we will explore how designers, tailors and artists – and their clients and sitters – have constructed and performed masculinity, and unpicked it at the seams.

Fashioning Masculinities: The Art of Menswear is the first major V&A exhibition to celebrate the power, artistry and diversity of masculine attire and appearance. Contemporary looks by legendary designers and rising stars will be displayed alongside historical treasures from the V&A’s collections and landmark loans: classical sculptures, Renaissance paintings, iconic photographs, and powerful film and performance.

The exhibition showcases the variety of possible masculinities across the centuries from the Renaissance to the global contemporary.

The first gallery Undressed explores the male body and underwear, looking at how classical European ideals of masculinity have been perpetuated and challenged over the centuries.

The second gallery, Overdressed, explores the elite masculine wardrobe, epitomised by oversized silhouettes, lavish materials like silks and velvet in daring colours, and symbolic patterns to express status, wealth and individuality.

The third gallery, Redressed, opens with a reflection on English country tailoring and the origins of the suit – with historic garments from the V&A collection shown alongside contemporary reimaginings, including a kilt by Nicholas Daley – before exploring how military attire influenced civilian dress.

Redressed will also include paintings as well as extensive photography showing changing styles and attitudes, from Oscar Wilde, Claude Cahun and Cecil Beaton to The Beatles and Sam Smith.

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The exhibition opens March 22nd 2022. Tickets are available to book now.

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