Beautiful People: The Boutique in 1960s Counterculture

This exhibition explores how in the mid 60s a handful of Chelsea boutiques sparked a fashion revolution.

Individuality was key to the Chelsea boutiques. In the 1960s there were changing attitudes towards gender and sexuality inspiring new ideas and freedoms of expression. Fuelled by new radical young designers, catering to an elite group of artists, aristocrats and musicians ready to express themselves: the beautiful people.

“We are young, rich and beautiful, and the tide – we through – was turning in our favour. We were going to change everything, of course, but mostly we were going to change the rules.” Marianne Faithful.

Compromising of 3 gallery spaces the Fashion and Textile museum creates an immersive exploration of a dramatic and incredibly loved period of British design with over one hundred fashion ensembles and outfits.

Moving through the gallery influences of art Nouveau, Eastern mysticism and psychedelic graphics are a feast for the eyes. Indian inspired florals, jewel toned velvet dresses give you a taste of what it was like on these fabulous, androgynous, individual and flamboyant boutiques.

Tickets are available now and should be pre-booked Adult: £12.65, concession: £11.55, student:£10.45, under 12s: free.

Images: Beautiful People: The Boutique in 1960s Counterculture Copyright of the fashion and Textile museum.

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