Ikea KARISMATISK collection

Your home is an expression of who you are, filled with things that make you happy. Few understand the joy of self-expression better than British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes.

Ikea have teamed up with Zandra on KARISMATISK, a limited collection that’s all about showing your personality through your space with some fabulous home furnishings. It is interesting to see how Zandra’s world of bols patterns and vivid colours can be designed in a home context.

There are 26 statement making pieces in the collection; available at IKEA stores globally from September 2021.

Boasting Zandra’s playful prints and cheerful colour palette this collection is bold, bright, fun and not to be missed!

About Zandra Rhodes
Zandra Rhodes was one of the new waves of British designers who put London at the forefront of the international fashion scene in the 1970s. Her designs are considered clear, creative statements; dramatic but graceful; audacious but feminine. Rhodes’ inspiration has been from organic material and nature. Her unconventional and colourful prints were often inspired by travel; chevron stripes from the Ukraine and the symbols of the North American Indian, Japanese flowers, calligraphy and shell.

Shop the full fabulous and fun collection at https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/new/karismatisk-limited-collection . All images from IKEA website.

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