A redundant church in Leicester is one of only two UK venues to host an international exhibition inspired by the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh.

More than 200 animated paintings are projected on to the walls, floors and ceilings of All Saints Church, in Highcross Street. A real immersive experience; the exhibition has been designed to allow visitors to “step inside” the artist’s work.

It was such an interesting and engaging exhibition, while finding out about Van Gogh’s life you felt transported into his paintings, getting a deeper understanding of how his art reflected his life and how he actually saw the world differently.

“The installation has been designed to fit All Saints’ Church exactly,” creative director Mario Iocampo said.

The church was such a fabulous setting for this exhibition with its grandeur and it silence. You were totally focused on the imagery around you.

The main part of the exhibition is a 35-minute projection – named Van Gogh: The Immersive Exhibition. It tells the story of the Dutch 19th Century post-impressionist artist and his pieces, as a 360 degree projection in the centre of the church.

At the end of the exhibition, the VR Experience takes you even deeper into the life of the artist in Arles. As you travel through 8 works and their sources of inspiration: Vincent’s room, the meadows, the forest, the village and ending with Starry Night over the Rhone River…

Find out more at and visit if you can, its well worth a trip.

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