House Of Hackney: Hotel Trematonia

To celebrate 10 years of House of Hackney, this fabulous interiors company have taken staycation to the next level. Why not check-in to the hotel of your dreams – Hotel Trematonia in Cornwall. Feast your eyes on the below; gorgeously decorated rooms and caravans. In the House of Hackney signature prints and style- are you as tempted to book as we are?

Each bedroom in the Main House takes it name and theme from a beloved House of Hackney collection, from the painterly blooms of ARTEMIS to the pastoral romance of RAINBOW ROSE.

The Castle Caravans – all pitched within the grounds of the Castle of Trematon in Cornwall. ‌

Three beautiful 1970s-style, curved-shaped caravans. A restoration project that has ended in the most beautiful result. In homage to the original 1970s-style interiors, each Castle Caravan is furnished with clean-lined velvet upholstery and curtains, which beautifully offset the nature-inspired prints swathing the Caravans’ interiors and exteriors.

The Caravans are priced from £190 per night (3-night minimum stay), this includes the use of a courtesy Jeep Renegade 4xe. 

The ‘Plantasia’ Caravan

Cloaked in PLANTASIA, its “verdant green tones and tree landscape motif camouflage with the nature around it,” says Frieda. “Inside, a palette of blue and green creates a chic yet calming mood, while the contrasting teal blue velvet upholstery plays into that 70s vibe.”

The ‘Artemis’ Caravan

An incredibly rare 1959 Crampton caravan, it’s swathed in the iconic ARTEMIS print on both the exterior and the ceiling, with contrasting ochre velvet upholstery to match the warm tones in both the woodwork and the motif.

The ‘Hollyhocks’ Caravan

Cloaked in HOLLYHOCKS, the print of summer 2021, it enwraps the Caravan in a colourful riot of flowers while bringing all the beauty and joy of the surrounding gardens into its interior.

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