Embassy London

This company combines two of our obsessions, good print and fancy shoes. See a range of their footwear and maybe you will be inspired  to enter their shoe designing competition next year.


Embassy London was established in 2011 and specialises in both Ladies and Men’s footwear that are exclusively made in Europe from the most beautiful European leather.

“It’s simple; we create authentic shoes that are charismatic, each with their own exquisite charm while keeping that all-important comfort and high quality. We wish you a never-ending leather-clad love affair with Embassy London.”

Last year Embassy London  launched the first ever Design #MyHatter Competition, where anyone could submit their own design of their classic Hatter style boot, and the best 3 would be made. After hundreds of submissions, they caste an online vote, where the top 3 designs were chosen. These styles are very excited to say they are now part of their collection. This year’s competition has just closed but look out for next year’s.

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