Carrie Reichardt

Carrie Reichardt creates anarchic artworks where vintage floral, kitsch, royal and religious crockery is given a new twist by re-firing with layers of new ceramic decals. They are modified in a “radical use of traditional things” and often adorned with skulls, cheeky slogans and political statements. Her first solo exhibition, entitled “Mad in England”, provided an exploration of this theme, which she has continued to pursue in subsequent work.

The Mosaic House- who wants to live here?! How could you not smile when walking past this amazing house.

Carrie Reichardt has been an outspoken advocate for using Art as a form of personal therapy and “Mad In England” is a perfect back stamp for her work. It is fitting that her house and studio in Chiswick is famously called The Treatment Rooms.


Three years in the making, the Elm Tree of Life is a new public art mosaic which can be found at the junction of Wells Terrace and Clifton Terrace near the new entrance of Finsbury Park station. The Elm Tree of Life represents local tales, individuals, and the history of the community through mosaic, bringing back nature to the urban space.

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