The Queen’s Gambit

Netflix new coming of age drama ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ follows the life of Beth Harmon, a young girl who has risen from the perils of a mid century orphanage to become the most celebrated chess player of the Cold War period.

The Queen’s Gambit may be about a tactical game but it does not disappoint in also serving up some serious 60s fashion inspiration. The aesthetic of this fabulous era comes through not only in the fashion but also the stunning interior design.

Check mate? Checks and Plaids are always a popular trend year on year- especially in autumn/winter. Here they take centre stage in a lot of this young protagonists fashion choices.

Though Beth comes from humble beginnings, as her status grows so does her appetite for beautiful things. From coveting the most on-trend clothes to redecorating her home using the striking patterns and colours of the time. We think this calls for a 60s revival in all things home furnishing.

Images from The Queen’s Gambit – Netflix.

If you haven’t already, we at The Print Affair highly recommend giving this fabulous show a watch. At 8 episodes its not too much of a commitment, also we won’t judge if you binge it all in one weekend… we did!

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