Doth mother know you weareth her drapes ?

Well I say, that there is “nought wrong with that” and am looking forward to these ultra feminine and elegant prints. The look we refer to is a Jacobean print which has an interesting history of fabrics sourced from India but this time with a European origin.

In the 17th Century embroideries from Flanders were being imported into England featuring flowing acanthus leaf designs arranged in all over patterns. Jacobean ladies were busy making crewel wool embroideries on linen of flowers, birds, tree of life motifs, and decorative leaves. The newly formed English East India Company merchants picked up on this decorative trend and took samples out to the Indian Palam pores fabric printers.  Quickly these woven techniques inspired similar prints and the Jacobean print was born. Later the Arts and Crafts movement and William Morris revisited the style and popularity of the style was reborn. Ever since this regularly comes around as a print trend in both home furnishings and fashion.

Princess Elizabeth 1606 by Robert Peake the Elder: The Metropolitan  Museum of Art NYC.

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