Go Bold or Go Home…

Things are brightening in the design industry. Across the world, creatives are making a splash with bold colours and pattern. These polychrome interiors, installations and murals are a far cry from the restrained, minimalist aesthetic that has dominated in some countries in recent times.

Craig Redman and Karl Maier (aka Craig & Karl) live in New York and London respectively. They presented their signature bold colours, graphic patterns and geometric shapes for a recent exhibition called All In at Seoul’s Avenue L.

British-Nigerian designer Yinka Ilori makes trips from his London home to get inspiration from the traditional fabric stalls of Lagos’s Balogun Market.

Instagram is an amazing treasure trove for interiors. Rowans Rainbow is a fabulous account that doesn’t hold back on colour! ‘The House that colour built’ and ‘Sophie Robinson Interiors’ are two more accounts that are worth a look for bold interior and colour inspiration.

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