Hayley Menzie

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Hayley Menzies is a London-based contemporary luxury label specialising in silk, knitwear and lasting treasures made for life’s refined rebels.

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In 2011, Hayley Menzies set up a stall in Portobello Market selling vintage fashion and handmade recycled fur scarves. Her sharp edits amassed a fast and loyal following of stylish women who inspired Hayley to set up her own brand. Through intuition and passion Hayley conceptualised her brand, a contemporary womenswear brand made for life’s refined rebels. Hayley Menzies is now stocked in over 100 stores in 17 countries worldwide.

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Head over to the website to view the full collection, below are a few of our favourites!

All images are from the website: https://hayleymenzies.com/

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