Fabulous Gym Gear

The new year come around and so do those resolutions. One a lot of people make is to get fit and make more time for exercise. With that in mind here at The Print Affair we though we would compile a selection of beautiful (printed) leggings. Incase you are heading out on a run or going to a gym class; you should look and feel good!

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 20.08.58

Sweaty Betty


Each pair of the Super Sculpt Leggings are made from 17 post-consumer PET plastic bottles. Sportswear meets science with their famous bum-sculpting technology; with a high waist and new extra comfortable waistband keeping you super supported. With a side pocket too, we love these for yoga and Pilates, though they can be worn for any workout.

liberated pink floral sweatybetty

Lulu Lemon


Leading the way in the print department lulu lemon never disappoint when it come to colourful and patterned good quality sportswear. Worth the investment when they look this good!



For a more affordable range primark have some on trend camo and marble prints on their sportswear.

The Upside


Beautiful abstract animal, graphic floral and camo. If you want to stand out and make a statement these are the leggings for you, but at £100 a pair you need to really love them to invest. Leggings are in a lightweight stretch jersey and most come as a printed set with matching sports bra-let.


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