This fabulous company working since 1964 is innovative, exciting and fun. A charming place that links design to pop art. The collections containing art blended with daily life icons, send a message of shape and function, conveying to its customers a vision for a unique, personal and fun lifestyle. Homeware for anyone that loves something a bit different. Explore the collections on their website

Below are a few examples from their collaborations at the moment. All images from their website.

Studio Job

Innovation and originality are at the core of Studio Job’s exploration of the limit between design and art. Dreamlike objects that are unique and incredibly fun.

studio job3

studio job2

Seletti & Marcantino

Marcantonio and Seletti together, give life to simple creative everyday expressions with an artistic touch. The result is a new and innovative, inspired by the natural and animal world: experimental and unexpected.

seletti and marcantino2

seletti and marcantino

Screeseletti and marcantino1


With its black humour in amazing technicolour, the collaboration between Seletti and Toiletpaper gives rise to a range of cult products for those whos’ interior tastes are on the more daring side.




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