Printed lampshades

Light up your favourite space and take inspiration from some of these fabulous brands that specialise in printed lampshades.

Pooky Lighting

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The “marbling” of paper is a craft that dates back hundreds of years, and it is fascinating to watch. Paints and oils are carefully dropped onto a thickened water, and are then “raked” and “stretched” to create the pattern. The paper is then slowly laid on top and once imprinted removed from the liquid and dried. No two pieces of paper can ever be the same. We are thrilled with these patterns – bold and brilliant.

House of Hackney

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‘The house we’ve created is a sanctuary from the outside world, adorned with prints and colours inspired by the sublime palette of nature. It’s not filled with lots of ‘stuff’ – only things that have a purpose, created for both their beauty and their meaning. We call them ‘future heirlooms’: artistically designed pieces made in England by craftsmen specialising in generations-old trades. ‘

Kitch Republic

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Candid Owl

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