Killing Eve

killing-eve-09-2018 vanity fair

Photo Illustration by Max-o-matic;

molly goddard dress

 The Molly Goddard tulle dress from series one.

Here are some highlight of the amazing fashion pieces worn by Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh; as the hotly anticipated season two has just started. I’m sure many of their fashion statements are bound to be making their way onto the high street –  as we all channel our inner kick-ass leading ladies.

Miu Miu graphic geometric red and white dress: Camo jacket @killingeve

philip lim flower bomber

Philip Lim floral bomber:


Horse-printed Chloé blazer, shimmery gold trousers, and a ruffle-neck, purple Isabel Marant blouse.


Dries Van Noten power suit.

The styling and sets are incredible. You are taken to a different world of glamour mixed with grunge.  Assassins mixed with CIA agents.  Fashion mixed with costumes. The fashion helps to tell the story of these characters as you become attached and invested in them – even when you aren’t sure whether you should.

Villanelle can even rock some children’s style pyjamas in a wild comic style print. @killingeve

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