One for the boys

At The Print affair we sometimes make an effort to wear a print, although as many female print and fashion designers, we have a reputation of often wearing black. This has been going on industry wide for the last thirty years but we do make a conscious effort to break this habit when at exhibitions. However, our male colleagues in the industry are even worse. We see little else other than chambray blue or white shirts and the predictable black polo or Tee.

This blog is for our  brothers, for whom we have selected some fabulous printed shirts to satisfy every budget and character, from the wildly flamboyant to the quietly retiring type. Finally there are our Top Picks of Sublitex designs as we think back fondly to the 1990s. In this era there was a demand for prints destined for men to wear clubbing at the weekend and it was such fun to design for. over £1000  £750 – 1000  £500 – 700  £500 – 700  £100-150  £100 -150  £50 – 100 under £50 under £50 under £20


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