Jacky Puzey

Embroidery Exhibition

Now until 23rd December 2018


8 Margaret’s Buildings, Bath, BA1 2LP

Jacky Puzey at Allyson McDermott Store in Bath

The exhibition showcases the works of the very talented Jackey Puzey, whose vibrant digital embroideries and stunning upholstered furniture have wowed the cognoscenti worldwide. Having completed a PHD in Fashion, Textiles and Visual Culture at Bath Spa University, Puzey has developed a distinct visual language utilizing a rich combination of techniques and materials to create iconic pieces.


Jacky specializes in designing and producing digital embroidery for interiors and fashion. Combining traditional embroidery skills with digital technology Jacky uses fur, feathers, tweed and organza with drawings, laser cutting and digital embroidery to explore her distinctive imagery and style. From feral lace to embellished creatures, from feather interior screens, Jacky’s work creates baroque pleasure; forming new fabrics, textures and stories.



The Peacocks silk wallpaper is inspired by Chinoiserie motifs and historical scenic wallpaper, with a contemporary urban twist. These peacocks peer proudly off a graffiti-d and shadowed concrete urban wall as a background. The peonies have been hand-drawn across the wall, and then re-embroidered using laser cut petals to give depth and detail. The birds have gorgeous silk organza and voile laser cut tails, their feathered necks carrying tattoo and henna patterns.4



The Koi design on both footstools and silk wallpaper, is inspired by historical tattoos, urban landscapes and Japanese koi carp. The footstool shape references the shapes of lily-pads in a typical Japanese Koi pond.  In Japan these fish are kept for both ornamentation and, in traditional Japanese towns, as functional urban helpers, living in the waterway under the houses and temples, keeping the water clean. Koi are hugely popular as tattoo motifs here where they symbolize endeavor and perseverance.

For this show, Allyson McDermott Studios has also enabled Jacky to create two new wallpapers using Allyson’s collection if Japanese vintage silks papers, a further exciting combination if materials, history and embellished stories.





Workshop: Unit 15, The Old Co-operative, 38-42 Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AF  0117 9548019


Instagram @jackypuzey

Photographer credit Jo Hounsom

Upholsterer LeighAnne Treadwell of Bristol Upholstery Collective

Agent: htttps://www.Londonconnoisseur.co.uk

Instagram – @theprintaffair

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