Liberty Print Bouquets by Bloom and Wild


British, iconic and timeless, liberty prints have become a national treasure. But they have just gone one step further and collaborated with online florists, Bloom and Wild, to bring our favourite designs to life.

“These special, limited-edition bouquets were inspired by our favourite archival Liberty Prints and each one is as much of a masterpiece as the print behind it. We think they’re the ultimate gift idea for any occasion this autumn.”

Aron, Bloom & Wild Co-Founder & CEO

The Ciara



The Ciara liberty print harks back to the 1960’s and is rich in colour. The Bloom and Wild team have “bought this lively print to life with spools of buttery soft roses, cerise stocks and luscious foliage.”

The Rachel



Meadow floral print, The Rachel, is beautiful levels of blues and greens. Bloom and Wild have interoperated this with hare’s tail grass, buttery roses and thimbles of eryngium.

The Pheobe



Liberty fabric ‘The Phoebe & Joe’ is the next print that inspired the Bloom and Wild team. Bright ditsy florals interlinking amongst winding meadowy stems; this bouquet is colourful with orange freesias, purple veronica and spindly snapdragons.

Instagram – @theprintaffair

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