The Ultimate Versace

The craze has begun and not only are celebrities wearing Versace skins but the originals from the 1990’s are going under the hammer for more than they cost the first time round. If your budget does not stretch this far here are some similar looks from Sublitex for those intent on standing out from the crowd. Whether you go for garish gold or a more subtle copper this is a bold brash look not for the faint hearted or a shyly retiring fashionista.


Left to right – Katy Perry photo, Rita Ora photo Fashion Sizzle, Versace photo Vogue

2  Auctioneers

Sale 618 Lot 74 A Gianni Versace Animal Print Ensemble, Spring/Summer 1992, comprised of a silk jacket with a notched collar, front flap hip pockets with decorative goldstone buttons with amber rhinestone starfish embellishments, a single matching front button closure and black lacing on the back sleeve; together with a matching cropped silk vest with front zip closure and zipper embellished chest pockets and a coordinating pair of nylon and spandex leggings with an elastic waist.
Design featured on the Spring 1992 Milan runway and ad campaign.
Each labeled: Gianni Versace Couture.
Jacket and vest size 4, leggings size 42.
Estimate $4,000-6,000






And moving on into;




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