Antoinette Poisson


Gucci florals are always beautiful and can be recycled season after season, but this resort show felt even more special. Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, came across the unassuming Parisian company Antoinette Poisson. Michele decided to teamed up with the wallpaper studio to create some of the enchanting prints we saw walk down the runway for the Resort 19 show.



It’s easy to see why Michele was in awe of the decadent designs of this French atelier. Striking geometrics combined with oriental, detailed florals feels new for the Italian fashion house and certainly adds a difference to their most recent collection.


Photo by Jason Lloyd-Evans for Wmagazine

About Antoinette Poisson

Founders Julie Stordiau, Jean-Baptiste Martin and Vincent Farelly were working as freelance wallpaper restorers when a project to work with 18th century ‘Domino’ wallpaper arose.

“The paper is made according to traditional 18th century techniques. Jacques Bréjoux who makes our paper collects old linen and hemp clothes from the 18th and 19th century which he shreds into small pieces which are then hammered, put into water and then sieved in order to create a pulp which is dried and pressed”. “It takes approximately one day to print 100 sheets and around one or two minutes per colourper sheet to paint.” Julie Stordiau


“Each hand-painted design is available in the original colourway, as well as a more restrained, modern palette,” Julie Stordiau


Photo: © À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson


“Hand–blocked and hand-painted, the prints are reproductions of the ‘dominos’ that were once employed to decorate smaller nooks and crannies – lining closets, corridors, boxes and books.” Julie Stordiau



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