Leicester – 18th– 19th June 2018



My name is Fran. I come from a small town near Bath and attend one of the town’s secondary schools. I’ve always been interested in art and design.

Part of my school’s program is to offer work experience to its year 10 students. I was offered a position with Design and Colour Ltd who are the agents for Sublitex, an Italian design company making heat transfer paper.

In order to understand their product better I was taken to Leicester.

Arriving in Leicester



4Here I was taken to Fashion Fabrics to see how heat transfer paper is used to print fabrics. I also saw the production of screen-print fabric and the digital printers used to print the transfer paper. It was really interesting and I now understand a lot more about the process of printing fabrics.





I also visited the Sublitex office and shown the library of all the fabric designs. I was given the chance to make some moodboards for Spring Summer 2019 and was taught about how to identify a good and bad quality print.



Visiting Retailers

We visited Quiz to see the prints and find out which were selling best.

It was interesting to learn that clothes were made in Leicester and also to learn how to read labels and see what they are made of and where things are made.


I now know so much more about fabrics and clothes.


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