A key look coming through are these wonderful designs that offer infinite colour possiblilities and can swing from the bright outrageous to the softest most feminine look.

Originating in Persia and modern day Afganistan these patterns date back over 2000 years and were liberally applied to buildings, pots, textiles and all nature of things. During the 1600s luxurious fabrics were woven for wealthy gentlemen using threads of precious metals and jewels. As always the luxury trend trickled down to simpler renditions and the market was expanded by the Moghul empire.

During the 1600s the East India Company imported shawls from Kashmir to the great delight of the wealthy British gentry. Thanks to Napoleon the importation was distrupted by the wars at the end of the eighteenth entry. Simpler mass market versions were then produced with the help of the industrial revolution and weaving mechaniztion particularly in the silk textile town of Paisely in Scotland. The British penchant for this persian design was therefore satisfied and it is interesting to note that in other European countries this is  called a Persian or Cashmire design being true to its origin.

Here are a few of the superb Paisleys that Sublitex have, coloured from soft elegance, to brights to deep luxurious richness and finally the terribley commercial monotone.










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