Joules and DFS


It gets to this time of year and we feel as if our homes are in need of a spring clean and need a makeover with fresh bright summery designs, which is exactly what the new Joules and DFS collection is offering. The range is full of quirks and brave colour combinations. For the traditionally English fashion brand, this was a very natural step in a new direction. Having such a print focus with their clothing customer, who loves the countryside and a rural home setting, this collaboration is a perfect way for them to explore a different product.


The DFS  product is home furnishings and we love the influence of fashion on the range. Traditionally home furnishings prints are used and laid out in full repeat however here we can see the prints carefully placed across the product which is something more akin to fashion design. It is details like this which really make this collection stand out from a regular furniture range and the elevates the concept.


We love the attention to detail used in the products. It feels as if the creative team have thought about furniture and its use in a very different way.


Joules use their signature trademark of the hare on the leg of the sofas which is a great finishing touch


Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 20.02.37

Although the range is concise, the products explore many different themes for their differing customers. There is of course the traditional floral prints but there are also a touch of the nautical and animal conversationals.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 20.02.44

Known for their beautiful hand drawn vintage inspired prints and their playful colour combinations, Joules have not failed to deliver this in a completely different way. The product is unique yet recognizable and will certainly uplift any home this spring



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