2Searching for style, simplicity and sustainability in your outfit? Look no further. Founded only in February 2017, Dagny provides the fashion industry with ethical womenswear.

Christina Castle, the mastermind behind the brand, took it upon herself to create a brand that fought against the fast fashion norms. After freelancing for a number of design houses here in London, she decided none of them quite matched ethical beliefs. She subsequently started the brand ‘Dagny’ for women like herself who want to dress responsibly but without compromising on style, colour or fabric choices.

Christina Castle, owner of Dagny

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 21.15.21

The the most exciting qualities about the brand: it is sustainable but still exciting and vibrant in terms of print design. With an eclectic CV working for many different design houses in both New York and London, it is clear that Christina has an eye for design and colour.


All of the printed clothes are printed through a toxin-free process adding to the sustainable production process.

“To us, being sustainable means being adaptable, curious, and humble.”

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 21.15.48


Dagny have partnered with a women owned, ethical factory in Romania to create their products. “This progressive factory boasts many highly regarded industry certifications for labour, social, and ecological practices and is also a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum.”

They limit their collections to a small number to ensure that each collection is unique and that they are not subject to any waste. This is part of the beauty of buying from a sustainable brand, your garment is one of only a select few.Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 21.16.41


@Dagny.London Instagram


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