Healthy Seas



Healthy Seas is an organization whose mission is to remove waste from the seas, particularly abandoned fishing nets which are littering the sea and a danger to marine life. These are referred to as ghost nets as they waft around the oceans in a scary spectre like fashion.

As part of their pilot projects, divers recover ghost nets from the North Sea, Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. These nets are often found on reefs and shipwrecks which are highly important places for marine biodiversity.



Also fishermen and fish farms are encouraged to recycle old nets to avoid them polluting the environment through landfill disposal.

Fishing nets are normally made from Nylon 6 and can be regenerated into Econyl yarn which is a quality that can be used in the manufacture of socks, swimwear, underwear and carpets.


AMBRA MADDALENA’s SS’17 ‘Love Boat’ collection 100% Econyl

Left to right – Maria Malo, Rey Swimwear

Left to Right – Rawline Scala Collection by Ege, Desso Essentials Jeans


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