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Camille Walala, Now Gallery


An Instagram-able labyrinth of colour and pattern has taken over the NOW Gallery in Greenwich London, and as a lover of all things colourful and patterned, I went along to see what all of the fuss was about.


Digital print designer, Camille Walala, who describes herself as ‘a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print’, studied Textile Design at the University of Brighton and went on to establish her namesake brand in East London in 2009. She continues to work under this name in the form of installations, prints, furniture and many other exciting projects worldwide.


Camille Walala sat on one of her vibrant designs in the form of a ping pong table

It is impossible not to feel happy when you first enter the maze. Saturated colours and bold pattern combined with mirrors on every corner make the exhibition so easy to loose yourself in.


Installation from above, Sophie Wade

“With walls of different heights, passageways of different widths, enclosed spaces and curved and zigzag paths, the installation foregrounds the idea of human scale, giving visitors both a lasting visual impression and an extraordinary physical experience as they pass through it.” NOW Gallery


Photography by Charles Emmerson

Photographs Sophie Wade

Walala X Play takes print from a 2D form into a three dimensional space which invites visitors to experience pattern in a completely different way.

Along side the success of the exhibition at NOW, Camille is building the key landmark for the London Design Festival which will be running across the city from the 16th to 24th September. ‘Villa Walala’ is the festival’s largest installation and will be built in Broadgate, a rather grey, sterile office block area of the city. The stark contrast of Camille’s vibrant style with its surroundings makes this installation so exciting.


The London Design Festival is one of the largest design events in the world and will host over 400 events across the capital.

Watch below to see Camille talk about exhibition




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