Oasis and The Zoological Society of London

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade – designandcolour@gmail.com


An unlikely collaboration: fashion brand Oasis and the Zoological Society of London have teamed up to create a collection covered In beautiful exotic prints for us to feast our eyes on.

“Meet majestic tigers, playful lemurs and more in our stylish expedition.” Oasis.com

Inspired by the work of ZSL, the prints highlight some of the worlds most endangered animals. Enchanting illustrations of many different creatures from zebras to cheetahs and an array of colourful birds, the prints are some of the most interesting on the high street at the moment. ZSL are really excited about this collaboration and are hoping to promote awareness of their work as an international charity.

About The Zoological Society of London

ZSL is a international charity whose mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals in their habitats. They have active conservation projects in over 50 countries and continue their work at their two zoo’s in the UK, The London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo.

“Oasis has captured the essence of ZSL and we’re excited that this collection will show we’re much more than just a London zoo.” Kathryn England, the head of commercial at ZSL. thetimes.co.uk


Clive Reeve, Creative Director at Oasis, with the vine print

“There’s been a big trend on the catwalk in animal prints so it seemed a neat fit to ask ZSL if they wanted to go one step further and design a collection based on their animals.” Clive Reeve, Creative Director at Oasis, thetimes.co.uk


The range instantly draws you in on the Oasis landing page with the exotic, tongue in cheek imagery. The look book is a refreshing take on classic high street fashion shoots and we really love this image with the suspicious shadow. Did you spot them in the earlier images?

Oasis again use clever placement of their prints. These are not only flattering but help keep the range unique and exciting, standing out in a competitive market. It is also a great way to fully exploit a hero design across a range.

Left to right – Lucy from ZSL wearing the collection, http://www.oasis-stores.com/gb/blog/oasis-meets-zsl-introducing-lucy.html, Helen from ZSL wearing the collection, http://www.oasis-stores.com/gb/blog/oasis-meets-zsl-introducing-helen.html

Watch this video showcasing the collection here:





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