Boden Icons


Perfectly placed prints, clever colour combinations and elegant silhouettes, the new Boden icons range is a refreshing new collection derived from twenties glamour.

From flared sleeves to high neck ruffle blouses, Boden really challenge the vintage aesthetic. Combining both retro inspired prints and the retro shapes, this is certainly one of Boden’s more daring collections.

The vintage inspired prints act as a base to intricate, detailed embroidery which adds to the craftsmanship style they have tried to achieve with the range.


“The range is rooted in a group of bright young things in the Twenties and Thirties. Women were confident and forward-thinking with fashion, and expressive in how they dressed.”


Print placement is key to this story and something that really sets the range apart from previous Boden collections. All of the prints were designed in house which makes this limited edition range even more authentic.


Here, Mariam Boutorabi, the head of design talks us through the range.

You can view the limited edition range here –

All images from and @boden_clothing

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