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…The Catwalk for the festival season

Forget the music, everyone knows the line up, what we all care about is the fashion at Coachella, the most glamorous festival of the year. The LA based festival sets the trends for the season ahead and this year, prints of all kinds were taking center stage.

left – @travellovefasion, right – @trendenvy

With palm tree backdrops, sun kissed selfies and a playground for the celebrity A listers, all eyes have been firmly scanning what was being worn by these beauties. Prints galore…Mix and match, coordinating, conversationals, floral, patchwork, prints of every era imaginable graced this Californian valley.

Both images, @boho_fashion, Instagram 

Looking at the catwalk, the style is very much mirrored with the Roberto Calvalli and the Anna Sui ready to wear 2017 collections.

Roberto Calvalli ready to wear 2017,

Throwing together different types of print and clashing colours work beautifully in this collection and really embody a bohemian, free natured style.

The Anna Sui ready to wear collection is all about layering. Coordinating feminine floral pieces sitting along side slogan prints and prints underneath layers of embroidery, the more the better this season.

Anna Sui ready to wear 2017,

Both images, @Boho_fashion, Instagram

Below are some Sublitex prints for the festival season

Pastel Paisleys


Powerful Patchworks


Pretty Posies




Dark Based Florals


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