Spring Home Furnishing Trends

laura design

By Laura Newton – designandcolour@gmail.com

1) ‘Bringing the Outside In’

Whether your dreams take you into ‘The Secret Garden’, ‘The Tropics’, ‘The Forest’ or ‘The Ocean’, you will be inspired this Spring as our favourite designers bring them to you.

The New ‘Norrland’ Collection by Villa Nova is a refreshing myriad of design inspired by the Danish term ‘HYGEE (hoo-gah)’.


This Dramatic Digitally Printed Floral by ‘BLACK EDITION’ really draws you back to the renaissance and soothes your mind with rich, earthy colours.


‘FIORI’ by Zimmer & Rohde gives us a bohemian edge in its freeness and colouring.

Harlequin have beautifully captured the essence of nature with their ‘Anthozoa’ collection. Enchanting watercolour movements and an impression of ‘Batiq / Tie dye’ to offer a sense of traditional skill.

‘Casamance’ never disappoint with another range of tantalising wallcoverings and Fabrics. Mouth watering colourings that take you thousands of miles away.


I love this bold Tropical design by Lelievre! Its expressed in a tapestry technique, oozing in detail and sophistication.

‘Patmos’ by Manuel Canovas brings an injection of fun with these clean and bright tropical and underwater prints.

All collections mentioned can be seen at showrooms with ‘The Chelsea Harbour Design Centre’, London


Villa nova


Black Edition


Zimmer & Rohde






Lelievre Paris


Manuel Canovas


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