Oliver Bonas: Mauna Lao

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade – designandcolour@gmail.com

After visiting the new Oliver Bonas store in Manchester the other week, I fell in love with the new exciting fashion prints they had dotted around the store.


St Mary’s Gate, Manchester, oliverbonas.com/blog

Mauna Lao is the new fashion collection for OB inspired by the contrasts of urban living and nature. The trans-seasonal collection has a warm colour palette of peached pinks, dusty rose and golden khakis.

“The key print for March is Pacific which was inspired by aboriginal and North African art. The designs are bold and spontaneous with textural lines and minimal abstract tribal mark that are accentuated by the monochromatic tones used.”

Mauna Lao.jpg


“The use of colour was the biggest focus for our design team. They began by looking at the key colours found across volcanic landscapes, noting a particular emphasis on the contrast between the varying earthy tones present. From this, the palette was developed including paired back granite, ash grey and chalky clay tones. This was contrasted with warm sumptuous tones of golden sand, peached pink, rose pink and spiced yellow.”

Following collections such as Zaha and Kiyoko, organic shapes and bold colour blocks are a staple style for Oliver Bonas fashion prints. These collections are still available alongside the new collection Mauna Lao online at oliverbonas.com

All images from Oliverbonas.com

Keep up to date with all of the Oliver Bonas news on their blog here:


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