Copenhagen: A City Of Design

Sophie Wade - Design and Colour

Sophie Wade –

Having always loved Scandinavian culture and design, I was really excited to take a trip to Copenhagen. Before leaving I had heard from many people that the design shops there were brilliant and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The crisp winter weather gave us even more of an excuse to hop in and out of beautiful shops and galleries to keep warm.

I always like to start by reading a guide book and then I tend to wander off and explore the areas a bit more myself. This time I used the CITIx60 Copenhagen book as my bible and I have to be honest that I bought the book mainly because of the gorgeous print on the cover. Full of great design coverage with categories such as ‘cultural & art spaces’ and ‘markets and shops’, it knew exactly what I was after.


My trusty travel book described this shop as a ‘Mecca for minimalist-design lovers’ and a ‘must visit’ so it was the first shop on the list to visit. The loft-like space covers two floors with a mini market full of gorgeous stationery products and beautiful open plan living spaces. Sarah has been to the Hay shop that has opened in Bath but their products are also available through Next and


Finish design house Marimekko is Scandinavian print design at its best.

The wonderful shop in the centre of the city showcased both fashion and interior prints with their statement black and white graphic designs as the focus of their displays.



In the quirky district of Vesterbro lives this beautiful treasure trove of Scandinavian goodies. With the creaking wooden floorboards and the mix of old and new fixtures, this shop is more like an exhibition of great individual products than a shop.  sold in UK

Stine Goya

Stine Goya was a massive source of inspiration for me in my final year of university. Her collections really celebrates print with very complex, detailed placement designs and subtle, textured repeats to create beautiful cohesive ranges.

I was unable to take any photos in the store, however as her studio is based in Copenhagen, I thought it would only be right to mention her here and take a look at her great work.

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