Hello Print Affair


By Sophie Wade


Hello everyone,

I am the new contributor to The Print Affair taking over from Alannah. I look forward to sharing updates and interesting finds from the world of print.

I am a graduate from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Textile Design where I specialised in print. I love everything about surface pattern design, from stationary to fashion and as a freelance designer I am always on the look out for new inspiration.

My experience has included two internships, one was in a London studio, Camilla Frances Prints, a well known print design house. Here I had experience designing both photographic florals and geometric prints for fashion. http://camillafrancesprints.com/  She is also on the same page as us – Blog: http://camillafrancesprintsposts.tumblr.com/

Photos: Camilla Frances Prints LTD

I was also so lucky to go over to South East Asia as a print assistant to the studio Talking Textiles in Singapore. Talking Textiles is an interior design company that produces artworks and textile products for fashion interiors. Their designs are most often hand painted, using collage techniques and then hand silk screen printed. https://talkingtextiles.asia/

Photos: From talking textile website, shows Deborah Mckellar at work in her studio.

These contrasting designers had very different perspectives and were invaluable and inspirational experiences for me and this is why today I am a freelance designer.

I love to travel and my favourite travel destination has to be Scandinavia and it is from here that I gain a lot of my inspiration for my designs. I have recently returned from Copenhagen and I will be writing about this in the following weeks, so keep a look out.

I’m really excited to join the team here at The Print Affair and I can’t wait to start sharing my love for print with you all. I will also be contributing to The Print Affair Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter so If you don’t follow these channels already, here are the links to keep you updated: Instagram – @theprintaffair, Pintrest – theprintaffair, Twitter – @theprintaffair

Below are some examples of the work that I do which is how I originally came across The Print Affair team as I was featured in their 2016 graduate review. Website: https://sophiewade26.wixsite.com/printedsophie, Instagram: @printed_sophie

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