Elvis isn’t dead!


Sarah Glyn-Woods – designandcolour@gmail.com

elvThe London Textile Fair party theme was Elvis in Vegas which kicked off at 6.00 p.m.

We were just polishing off a bottle of Prosecco with the lovely ladies from Loaded when Sophie declared, “I have never seen Elvis”.

Well, we did not have the heart to tell her the truth, so we took her to the party to try and find her Elvis.

1 2
Glass in hand we went hunting and found Mick from Miroglio Texiles. We recruited Rosie’s help and asked Laurie Beck to join in the hunt!
3 4
Perhaps we were getting warmer as they brought in the dancing girls. Surely between us we could find Elvis for Sophie.
5 6
What have we here, could this be him? Hang on a minute, here is another one…….with a beard!
7 8
Alice then found 4 guys all claiming to be Elvis but which one is true? The only way to check is to see if he can dance.

We were just about to give up and tell Sophie the sad news when…


We found him and we knew it was the true Elvis when he started to croon. We have undisputable proof that Elvis is not dead because Sophie saw, touched and sang with him.


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