Trending in London and Paris


Sublitex are launching 5 new collections and previewed these at the London Fashion Fair in Islington this week. They will then be going on to Premiere Vision in Paris at the beginning of February to launch the full collections. The collection combines both rotogravure and digital prints – Sublitex are the leaders in Europe supplying clients with their own designs for sublimation printing using either of these routes.
The London Fashion Fair is early enough in the year to cater for the Fast Fashion market who readily turn concepts into garments in the stores in a matter of 2 – 3  of weeks. This speed to market allows British manufacturing to compete with oversea imports offering speed to market, smaller batches and the ability to quickly restock the shelves regularly to respond to precisely to the sales success of winning styles.










Other clients with long range manufacturing were looking for high summer this week – when we might see our first snow of the year in London! Some store groups have even started on Autumn Winter 2017/18 so Sublitex are offering these design concepts and building on this for the Paris show. If you are going to Premiere Vision in February be sure to pop into Indigo and see that expanded collection from Sublitex.

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