Alexander Henry Fabrics


Alexander Henry is a premier textile design house under the direction of the De Leon Design Group (Marc, Phillip and Nicole de Leon), based in Burbank, California. They produce original cotton prints, with their collection growing every day, embracing a ‘wide range of themes inspired by art history, runway fashion and the culture at large.’ Their artists paint each pattern by hand.

Their website is bright and fun, like their prints. They show off their collections and also include a ‘what’s new’ section which is very useful.

A preview of What’s New – we love their bright, quirky prints:



Phillip de Leon, one of the siblings of the De Leon Design Group, says, “As a fabric company and as painters we feel tied to the tradition of old world textile design…When we introduce a collection, our customers approach each design as something unique, where the hand of the artist is definitely in evidence.”

Some of our favourites from their AH Collection:


Visit for more information and to view more of their beautiful prints.
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