Street Hipsters


By Sarah Glyn-Woods –

This week we are posting some pictures of prints from Sublitex that we have spotted on the street. It is always interesting to see how people wear them

Snapped on Great Portland Street Nikita from North London, who loves prints, follows the trend to mix up contrast prints and colour.


This is Jutta; another hipster mixing prints from Alexander Henry “Beautiful Space Girls” with our famous Cartoon print.



Young Ella looks ravishing in our painterly floral and now available in black in New Look.


Cool wrapped round plaits and a bomber, let us call her Helga!


Again those funky prints just keep on going as a festive favourite. This time our graffiti print.


Sublitex can also do the smart chic as Suzanne proves. She looks stunning in her wedding outfit wearing a panel double border print.


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