By Sarah Glyn-Woods –


Dolce and Gabbana are responsible for the popular trend of blood red painterly roses. This look has been consistently in their catwalk shows in recent seasons but is now trickling down to the High Street.



The trend then morphs into a demand for dark bases with deeply coloured sultry blood red blooms oozing opulence and mysterious femininity. Many are spaced while others are faux placement prints but frankly anything goes as long as this rich deepness is preserved.


For transitional looks the flowers are brightened and lighter with black, white and even dusky nude grounds. The demand for poppies has also returned to join the rose garden.

roses05  roses06  roses07roses08  roses09  roses10

To compliment this opulence are embellishments such as appliqué, embroidery and needlepoint. Some have the fine detail of meticulous silk chinoiserie while others are heavier and have a more folkloric feel.

We are proud to announce that Sublitex have full range of all over prints to respond to this look.

For more details contact:


roses12   roses13   roses14

2 thoughts on “Roses

  1. Roses are the best (:

    Frederike Dammé
    Managing Director

    Instagram: #KinikiClothing


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