Premiere Vision Preview

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By Sarah Glyn-Woods –


September 7 – 8th 2016

Once again the week before Premiere Vision in Paris we previewed our new collection in our Leicester facility. This has become a regular bi-annual event and we thank everyone who made the effort to come along.


Having an appointment system means that clients have the privacy to review the designs at their leisure but also the chance to discuss their individual needs. Ettore Formento, the new Managing Director of the Textiles division of Sublitex, joined us, as did our Head of Fashion Design Alice Grosso.


Laura, who is based in our Leicester design studio, welcomed us all. For the event we use this bright sunny conference room. Laura develops designs, manages all UK custom work and colour for both Home Furnishing and Fashion in a large office on the ground floor.


Here Laura and Alice review the colour placement for a bulk print run in the office with Farid from Printaprint. Our Leicester facility is directly linked to our studio in Alba, Italy as well as housing an extensive library of both digital and gravure designs.septshow03

Laura reviews all digital information from clients looking at the quality, repeat, layout, etc. We can all thank Laura for spotting some absolute howlers before sampling.

She also creates and buys artwork on top of modifying repeats for placement designs. Alice oversees our Fashion Collection while Laura is on hand to tailor design requirements for the UK market.

The Leicester office is a unique environment and please contact us if you would like an appointment to discover more about how we can help you.



As you can see I cannot resist dressing up in the fabric and behaving most regally for our clients. Alannah came along and made a video of the event, so do have a peek!



Photos and video by Alannah Messett.

2 thoughts on “Premiere Vision Preview

  1. Hi Sarah,
    If you are ever in London on a Friday (from 2-6), might you ever be able to come in and meet the ( fashion marketing) students I teach at Regents university?
    If you were to come in for 2 hours I could arrange payment?
    To talk about your professional life, textile forecasts, Premiere Vision, textile design, fashion.
    ‘My just teaching this class from next Fri til xmas.
    Have a think and let me know?!
    Julia x

    Julia Robson

    +44 7774 638 207

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Julia

      I would love to and would just need some notice and avoidance of school holidays! What is the class that you are teaching so that I might think about this in more detail.

      Have a great weekend.

      Kindest regards

      Sarah x


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