Graduate Feature: Animal Instinct


Over the next few weeks, we will be celebrating this year’s graduates’ work of all styles, giving a platform for new designers. We have been reviewing shows from colleges, universities and New Designers in London and have picked our top collections. Each collection is unique and shows a different set of skills by each of the designers.

In our second last week of our graduate summer special, we take a look at three students who use animals and nature in their collections.

Erika Ophelia

Erika Ophelia studied BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Print at University for the Creative Arts (UCA Rochester):

My concept ‘Urban Jungle’ is a statement looking at the controversial issues surrounding animals and the way that some human activities can have a negative effect on the natural world. I touched on different topics including nature pollution and deforestation. I have illustrated the relationship between humans and wildlife by using images of both man-made structures and portraits of animals. The goal of my collection was to ultimately create an osmosis between my photography and drawings similar to that between the animal and human world.

Aspirations: Drawing has always been a passion of mine and I hope to build a career in print design and illustration. Ideally I would love to have my own company that creates prints that can be used across a variety of surfaces including fashion and also interior.

Contact Erika:

And see more of her work on Instagram: @eopheliadesign

PS sample 8  tiger lick

monkey repeat

Dress (34 of 34)



Kirsten Inglis

Kirsten Inglis, from Leeds College of Art, has a fascination for natural history:

I created a range of wallpapers that explore how the philosophies of scientific illustration can be translated into home interiors. The collection seeks to represent animal behaviours through my illustrations and the uses of special binders and inks. My aim is to inspire and encourage an appreciation of the beauty of nature through innovative uses of surface design.

I would like to work towards becoming a senior designer, creating innovative prints and patterns for wallpaper.

Contact email:

Instagram @: kirsteninglis


IMG_1730 IMG_2112 IMG_2190



Catriona Kitching

Catriona Kitching studied BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design and Cleveland College of Art and Design:

Her inspirations include summer colours, animals and their texture and detail markings. Catriona aspires to be a freelance designer for fashion print.


Instagram: catrionalouisedesigns

IMG_3807   screen print floral and tiger stripes

digital lizard and butterfly and markings in foil, hand painted into with dye and pigment   f3f1307c5805731d460d7cf3bb27beda

3eb33a3f5e02fb4c19a53bc102e22f1f  8e96369a3a0ac3ccb3bddcda596f5f48


PLEASE NOTE: These designs are the intellectual property of the artists and as such may not be used or replicated but may be available for purchase direct from the artist.

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